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      Back to School: A Collection of Blogs to Get You Ready

      Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Aug 14, 2018


      The new school year is quickly approaching, so you’re probably already thinking about all the things you need to do to be ready for that first day. Between working on your lesson plans, setting up your classroom, getting supplies, and learning your new students’ names, there is so much going on! 

      Need help prepping for your return to the classroom? Check out these blogs for helpful teaching strategies, back-to-school deals, classroom tips, and more: 

      1. School-Wide Expectations to Start the Year: Does your building have school-wide behavioral expectations? There is research to support that common expectations can help a school run more smoothly and unwanted behaviors to decrease. The steps outlined in this blog can help you get the year started on the right track.

      2. 10 Ways to Stay Sane, Focused, and Ready for the New School Year: With everything you have to do to get ready to head back to school, this time of the year can be incredibly hectic. Check out these strategies to help you stay sane!

      3. Create a Sense of Community With a School-Wide Theme: A theme is a great way to unify your school and help students feel connected. Plus, it gives you some great opportunities to get creative in your classroom.

      4. 50 Ways Real Teachers Get Ready for Back to School: We asked real teachers how they prepare for the new school year—see what they had to say!

      5. Tips for New Teacher Orientation: Schools don’t just get new students each year, they may also have new staff. These tips will help you create a positive culture as you welcome new teachers to your school.

      6. Classroom Management Tips: Start the year off on the right track with these classroom management tips, which cover establishing relationships with your students, setting classroom expectations and procedures, parent communication, and more.

      7. 18 Steps to Get Organized With Tech Before the New School Year: Looking for some tech tips? These 18 steps will show you how to use technology to your advantage so you can get everything organized for the first day back.

      8. The Teacher’s Checklist to Start the School Year Off Right: Summer isn’t quite over yet, but the more you prepare for school now, the easier the transition will be when you’re back in the classroom. This handy checklist has tips to help with new students, classroom management, self-care, and more.

      9. Back to School: Top Deals for Teachers: Did you know many companies and stores offer special deals to help educators save? Check out these top deals as you shop for new supplies, clothes, tech, and more.

      10. How to Create Effective Spaces for Learning and Teaching: The right classroom environment can lead to deep learning, helping your students get the most out of their time with you. As you set up your classroom for the new year, these tips will help ensure your students feel comfortable and ready to learn every day.

      11. 6 Ways to Increase Personalized Learning in the Classroom: Not all students have the same needs, so why teach with a one-sized curriculum? These tips will help you increase personalized instruction to maximize your students' growth.

      12. Plan a Parent Engagement Night That Sets You Up for Success: How do you engage with your students’ parents? These tips will help you plan an informative session for parents to help support their student.

      13. How to Create STEM-Focused Lessons: As you plan your lessons for the new year, are you thinking about STEM? You should be—these subjects will help our students be competitive in the job market. Learn how to tweak your current lessons to incorporate these vital subjects.

      14. How Well Do You Know Your Students?: Connecting with students is key for building trust, but how can teachers best go about creating those bonds? Check out these helpful tips for building strong connections and trusting relationships with students.

      15. Strategies for the Challenging Student: It can be tough to figure out the best approach for dealing with a challenging student. You want them to get the most out of your instruction, but it’s not always easy. These strategies can help both you and your students enjoy a successful year.

      We hope these blogs make your life a little easier as you kick off the new school year. Want to keep up with the latest teaching tips and education trends all year long? Be sure to subscribe to our Educator blog to get these informative articles sent straight to your inbox!

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