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Posted by Manuel Perez on Tue, Jan 29, 2013
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Welcoming Our Newest Additions To The MimioClassroom Family Of Products

MannyPerezMimio is set to launch four new cutting-edge products to market this week in order to sustain our mission – to increase effectiveness and engagement in classrooms by providing innovative and affordable educational technologies and solutions.

We are introducing our new offerings at the renowned BETT 2013 conference in London.  For those of you who don’t know, BETT is a global community where individuals discover technology for education and lifelong learning. BETT embraces innovative solutions that inspire, in order to shape and improve the way people learn from classroom to boardroom.  It is such a fitting place for us to showcase our modern learning MimioClassroom™ family of products…and especially our four new offerings.

In times where modern learning environments are becoming more mobile and 'learning anywhere' is more of a possibility, BETT gives companies like our the opportunity to explore how technology can power learning, raise attainment and increase efficiency.

MimioProjector Interactive Projector

The first new product is MimioProjector™ interactive projector which substantially expands the possibilities for affordable, interactive lesson delivery for educators across the globe. This rounds out our ability to provide devices that address the interactive display needs of every classroom.

MimioProjectorClassroomA few key features: the MimioProjector includes built-in tracking technology, a stereo amplifier, speakers, and of course our award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software. Dual-pen operations allow two students to simultaneously interact with the same projected image, increasing teachers’ capacity for including collaborative learning and small-group instruction in their classrooms.

This marks the third interactive classroom delivery system that we’ve developed in our mission to offer educators an increasingly broad and technologically sophisticated product line, while still delivering our flexible, easy-to-use software and content.  We believe the MimioProjector provides best-in-class interactive projection technology and, with its integration with the rest of our MimioClassroom devices and inclusion of MimioStudio software, is the best interactive projector solution for classrooms today.

MimioMobile iPad Application

MimioMobile iPad ApplWith the launch of three additional new tools at BETT, Mimio now allows simultaneous use of iPads, other manufacturers’ interactive displays and MimioClassroom products. Designed to create more flexible and collaborative learning environments, the new MimioMobile™ application for the iPad, the MimioStudio™ 10 classroom software and MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet will be on display at BETT as well at TCEA in Austin the week of February 4th and are scheduled to ship Feb. 28, 2013.

Here’s the scoop on these three new products:

With just a single MimioMobile license for a teacher’s computer or laptop, every student with an iPad can interact with lessons displayed on the classroom’s interactive whiteboard. Additionally, teachers can use the MimioMobile app to control an interactive whiteboard and display lessons in MimioStudio software from anywhere in the room.

We now are the only interactive teaching technology company that offers an iPad app that can be used simultaneously by groups of students in a collaborative interactive whiteboard or display environment.

MimioStudio 10

MimioStudio Classroom SoftwareThe latest version of our award-winning classroom software, MimioStudio 10 software includes a new Collaborate feature that automatically divides up to nine devices into collaborative windows on a whiteboard and allows each group to use their individual window at the same time. Once students’ work is done, the Collaborate feature automatically saves the work for future use or review.

We think educators are going to love the fact that MimioStudio 10 also brings the power and the impact of touch, multi-touch and gesture control to their interactive teaching experience. When they use our single software solution, they get seamless integration with all of our MimioClassroom products, as well any other type of interactive whiteboard or display device, regardless of the manufacturer or whether or not they support the use of pens, touch, multi-touch and gestures.

New MimioPad Wireless Pen Tablet 

MimioPad Wireless Pen TabletAnd finally, the MimioPad wireless pen tablet is our next generation of the original MimioPad tablet. This new version offers improved functionality and ease of use in a durable, elegant design. It also features shortcut keys that give teachers one-touch access to the most common functions of MimioStudio 10 software, and it works with any interactive content.


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