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      Manny Perez, President and COO, Mimio
      Manuel Perez was appointed President and COO of Mimio in 2011. Manny is one of the founders of Mimio and a key member of the leadership team. He has led the product vision for Mimio since its beginnings.

      Manny has over 12 of years of experience designing technologies and products that enhance collaboration and learning. His products have earned numerous industry and design awards. He has coauthored many patents and has several pending patent applications. In his previous position as Director of Research and Development for Mimio, he managed a group of highly talented software developers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and project managers. He will continue to bring his vision and direction to the product development process.

      Manny founded Virtual Ink in 1997, alongside co-founders Yonald Chery, William Moyne, Andrew Kelley, and Mathew Verminski. The only member of the team with a strong computer science background, Manny designed and implemented the first version of Virtual Ink’s software for Mimio. Over the years he has been involved in managing all facets of the product development process, including product research, industry analysis, competitive review, user studies, software architecture, industrial design, website development, technical documentation, package design, brochure layout, graphic design, and much more.

      Manny holds a Master of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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      Educational Technology: The Future Is Now

      Posted by Manuel Perez on Tue, Jan 29, 2013

      Welcoming Our Newest Additions To The MimioClassroom Family Of Products

      MannyPerezMimio is set to launch four new cutting-edge products to market this week in order to sustain our mission – to increase effectiveness and engagement in classrooms by providing innovative and affordable educational technologies and solutions.

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      Reflections on an Amazing Year at Mimio

      Posted by Manuel Perez on Mon, Dec 17, 2012

      MannyPerezMimioI recently returned from a training course in San Diego. When I got back to Cambridge, my entire staff was eager and excited to hear about all of the things that I had learned. Near the end of my description of the course, one of them asked me, “Was the course good?” I hesitated for a moment because, in truth, the course was very intense and very tough at times. But as I reflected back on what I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time, and on all of the things that I learned that will help me going forward, the answer was obvious: “Absolutely!”

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      Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement

      Posted by Manuel Perez on Tue, Nov 6, 2012

      MimioTeach in ClassroomWe live in a world that is very different from when I went to school.  Students today have instant access to virtually unlimited amounts of information through the Internet. They use gaming systems that respond to their motions; they communicate dynamically and asynchronously through mobile phones and text messaging; and they participate in digital social networks. In such a world, how do we make classroom life more engaging? An obvious though somewhat incomplete answer is to utilize technology in the classroom. Technology has made the outside world more engaging, so why wouldn’t it do the same in the classroom?

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      Topics: Classroom Technology, Education Technology, Professional Development for Teachers

      How Effective are Interactive Teaching Technologies in the Classroom?

      Posted by Manuel Perez on Mon, Sep 10, 2012

      Manuel Perez, Mimio GMI am often asked the question, “How effective are interactive teaching technologies in the classroom?”  More often than not, this question refers to interactive whiteboards in particular. While there are numerous studies available that may or may not provide an answer to this question, depending on your point of view, I tend to think and answer this question a little differently than most.

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      The Evolution of Mimio Educational Technology

      Posted by Manuel Perez on Mon, Jun 18, 2012
      Manuel Perez Mimio

      It is hard to believe that Mimio got its start out of a dorm room nearly 15 years ago. So much has changed over the years, both for me and the company, yet many things have remained, surprisingly, the same. 

      From a Personal Perspective

      When the company started I was a young college student. I joined the founding team as a software engineer. Now, years later, I am a (mostly) functional adult and have assumed the role of General Manager for the entire business. But what has remained the same is my love for technology, innovation, and product design, and my overall excitement about coming to work each day. While I dearly miss designing software and writing code, I now have a broader view of the business and have had the opportunity to work on many different and exciting things, such as industrial design, web design, and branding.

      From a Business Perspective

      When the company started, we were focused on solving the problem of digitally capturing notes from a whiteboard, so that students could pay better attention in class. This innovative idea led us to develop our first-generation pen tracking system. Over the years we have grown from being a technology supplier to being a provider of educational solutions. Throughout this transformation we have continued our simple tradition of visiting real classrooms and solving real problems. This process led to the development of our MimioClassroom suite of products and will continue to serve us as we move forward with our purpose of making learning more effective and engaging.

      Where We're Headed

      I am looking forward to seeing what the next 16 years will bring, both for me personally and for Mimio. We are always adapting and always changing, but some of the more important things remain the same. We still have the goal of making learning more effective and engaging. And I am still as excited as that young college kid to come to work every day.

      Have any questions for Manny? Please write them in the comments below.


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