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      Boxlight Presents Unbox Innovation, a Transformative Podcast Series

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Nov 8, 2023

      Unbox Innovation - Launch IMG

      Boxlight is excited to launch its new podcast series, Unbox Innovation, a gateway to transformative insights and thought-provoking discussions. In alignment with the company mission to improve communication and engagement, this podcast series will empower viewers and listeners with content that addresses the latest trends and strategies in your industry, whether it's K-12 education, Higher Education, or Enterprise.  


      What Can You Expect? 

      • Guiding Decisions with Cutting-Edge Solutions 

      Unbox Innovation promises to be a comprehensive resource, offering guidance on cutting-edge solutions aimed at enhancing engagement, collaboration, communication, and more. This podcast series will explore a wide spectrum of topics, from school security and campus AV to effective meetings management and professional learning opportunities in the dynamic world of enterprise. 

      • An Inclusive Platform for Diverse Discussions 

      Unbox Innovation will bring together an array of guests and engaging discussions, encompassing interactive technologies, progressive collaboration methods, and trending topics impacting the realms of education and business. The goal is to ignite inspiration, stimulate critical thinking, and provide practical insights that resonate with a diverse audience. 

      • Empowering Communities  

      Unbox Innovation goes beyond podcasts, driving market success by offering cutting-edge insights, inspiring change, and promoting collaboration and innovation. We explore trends, solutions, and fresh perspectives. 


      November 8th is the official launch of Unbox Innovation. Listeners can tune in via Unbox Innovation on www.boxlight.com and popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. We look forward to sharing our insights with you! 


      To watch the pilot episode of Unbox Innovation, click here: Unbox Innovation Pilot Episode with Hannah Olson 

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