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      Boxlight Round Table: Planning for Enhanced School Safety

      Posted by Boxlight on Mon, Apr 17, 2023


      As school safety concerns mount, district and school leadership are looking for ways to implement integrated communication systems to enhance what is already set in place. In an effort to help leadership make informed decisions, Boxlight will host a round table discussion on this critical issue – Planning for Enhanced Safety: An Integrated Communication System from Boxlight. 

      Panelists will discuss best practices for planning and implementing an integrated communication system, including strategies for incorporating it into existing emergency operations plans and how to find possible funding sources. Participants will learn how to empower school communities with tools for communication, collaboration, and quick response during times of crisis. 

      Join this free webinar and discover how Boxlight’s integrated communication system can contribute to a safer, more secure learning environment for all on campus. 

      To register, click: Planning for Enhanced Safety: An Integrated Communication System from Boxlight

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