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      Boxlight Solutions Shine as Cool Tools of 2024

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Apr 9, 2024

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      We are thrilled to share that our innovative solutions have been honored with wins in this year's Cool Tool Awards for 2024 by EdTech Digest! As pioneers in educational technology, we are committed to revolutionizing learning experiences for students globally. 

      Our award-winning solutions, Attention! and Robo E3 3D printers, have made an impact on student learning in classrooms worldwide. 

      Attention! (FrontRow by Boxlight) - Communication Solution  

      Attention! seamlessly integrates FrontRow Conductorâ„¢ with Boxlight's CleverLive platform, and Mimio and Clevertouch displays for comprehensive campus communication. Conductor facilitates campus-wide information dissemination, while CleverLive empowers displays with communication capabilities, including emergency alerts. This unified solution covers the entire school, offering administrators greater control during critical situations. Customizable broadcasts enhance safety and connectivity in learning environments, addressing rising concerns for staff and student welfare.  


      Robo E3 3D printers (MimioSTEM by Boxlight) - Maker/DIY Tools Solution  

      Robo 3D printers redefine Maker and DIY projects in education, offering educators and students a seamless experience. With MyStemKits curriculum integrated, they foster creativity and critical thinking. Their safety features, including enclosed designs and HEPA filters, make them ideal for classrooms and maker spaces. WiFi-enabled and compatible with Chromebooks and iPads, they enhance accessibility and community involvement, providing students with practical, hands-on learning experiences to develop essential STEM skills and explore future career opportunities. 


      These accolades, alongside our finalists such as MimioConnect blended learning platform and ezRoom AV solution, underscore our dedication to providing dynamic tools for collaborative and creative learning. From interactive displays to comprehensive STEM curriculum, Boxlight remains at the forefront of educational transformation. 

      Join us as we celebrate this recognition and continue our mission of shaping the future of education with innovative solutions.  

      To see the complete list of winners and finalists, click here: The EdTech Awards 2024 Finalists and Winners.   


      Are you looking to innovate your teaching and learning spaces? Check out our award-winning solutions and professional development services at www.boxlight.com 

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