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      Boxlight Solutions Win 5 ISTE Live 2023 Best of Show Awards!

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Jul 11, 2023

      ISTE 2023

      We're thrilled to announce that our solutions have earned five ISTE Live Best of Show Awards by Tech & Learning. Our winners are MimioWall, Mimio DS, IMPACT Lux, CleverLive, and LYNX Whiteboard. This recognition exemplifies our dedication to providing outstanding educational technology that empowers educators and enriches student learning experiences. 

      At the ISTE Live Conference, educators from across the globe gathered to explore the newest advancements and strategies in educational technology. Thousands of attendees participated in engaging conversations with exhibitors and experts, focusing on the implementation of dynamic technology. Tech & Learning judges carefully evaluated nominated products, considering factors such as user-friendliness, value, uniqueness, and impact on teachers' lives and student achievement. We're thrilled that our solutions were recognized, as it reaffirms our commitment to creating better solutions that lead to better results. 

      Our 2023 ISTE Live Best of Show winners are: 


      Transform any space - classrooms, entrances, hallways, offices, lecture halls - with vibrant Android digital displays. The MimioWall revolutionizes interactivity through screen sharing and CleverLive digital signage software, offering full control over shared information. All in a school or on campus can enjoy seamless images, scalability, and remarkable visual characteristics from any angle. The integrated design eliminates the need for external devices and complex management systems, with nine size options available. The MimioWall's 3-in-1 board combines a power supply, receiving card, and hub board for easy installation in under four hours. Encourage collaboration in classrooms, facilitate presentations, and engage students with simultaneous screensharing and interactive annotation. For larger spaces, students can experience immersive AV with ultra-wide screens. Utilize CleverLive to share campus information, updates, and alerts across all displays, transforming them into versatile communication tools. 

      Mimio DS 

      The Mimio DS Series digital displays transform teaching and learning experiences in schools. With a sleek design and enhanced visuals, they captivate students' attention and inspire creativity. Powered by Android 11, the displays offer seamless software upgrades and high-performance capabilities. Easy connectivity through USB Type-C ports enables interactive lessons and smooth operation of educational apps. Real-time wireless screen sharing, synchronized annotating, and Picture-In-Picture functionality foster collaboration in the classroom. Mimio DS displays also serve as powerful communication tools equipped with CleverLive, delivering campus-wide announcements and alerts across all devices. This integration ensures effective communication, keeping teachers and students informed and connected. 

      IMPACT Lux 

      IMPACT Lux is a top-tier interactive display for education, proudly launching as the first with Google certification. This achievement highlights its commitment to advanced and reliable educational technology. As a Google-certified device, IMPACT Lux seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom and other tools, revolutionizing the teaching and learning experience. IMPACT Lux grants access to every app in the Google PlayStore, providing educators with a wealth of resources to engage students. The display’s antibacterial glass and buttons prioritize hygiene and safety. With 40 touch points, multiple students can collaborate simultaneously, creating a dynamic learning environment. IMPACT Lux offers powerful tools like the Cleverstore, with a vast collection of educational apps, and LYNX Whiteboard, a free AI-powered lesson building software for dynamic and personalized lessons. 


      CleverLive transforms communication and collaboration in educational settings through its cloud-based platform tailored to districts and schools, effectively engaging the school community. From informative posters to room booking, CleverLive simplifies communication and integrates with popular calendar systems. Administrators effortlessly manage digital communications using intuitive design tools and templates. The platform supports multimedia content, empowering educators to captivate students with videos, posters, and live streaming. With features like the 'virtual button' and User Profiles, users can easily send messages, change content, and manage permissions. CleverLive's mobile device management ensures device health and timely updates. It's a versatile, user-friendly solution enhancing communication and collaboration, delivering an engaging learning experience. 

      LYNX Whiteboard 

      LYNX Whiteboard takes interactive teaching and learning to another level with unparalleled features and resources. Its extensive toolset and library of activities make it the pinnacle of educational software. Educators can create captivating lessons using a range of pen tools and shapes, fostering active learning and participation. Robust math tools seamlessly integrate mathematical concepts, aiding deeper understanding. The software also offers STEM activities to inspire critical thinking and problem-solving. Educators can design customized activities effortlessly, and its AI capabilities generate lessons based on specific criteria.  


      We're proud of the recognition our solutions have garnered for their innovative and impactful contributions to teachers and students. As we continue to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge educational technology, our ultimate goals remain the same: empower educators and enhance student learning experiences. With accolades such as ISTE Live Best of Show, we're inspired to further our commitment to positively impact classrooms worldwide. Better solutions. Better results.


      For a complete list of this year’s Tech & Learning ISTE Live Best of Show winners, click here: Best of Show at ISTE. 


      To explore Boxlight’s award-winning solutions for campus, classroom, and teacher professional development, go to www.boxlight.com 

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