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      Boxlight Unveils Next-Gen Solutions for Campus Communication and Interactive Learning at ISTELive 24

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Jun 20, 2024

      ISTELive 24

      At Boxlight, we know that modern schools face unique challenges, and our goal is to provide tech that’s easy to integrate and use. This year, we’re thrilled to showcase our latest solutions, including FrontRow Unity, TimeSign, and Xploris at ISTELive 24 in Denver, CO from June 24-26. 

      Revolutionizing Campus Communication and Safety with UNITY 

      FrontRow Unity is a groundbreaking device that consolidates classroom audio, campus communication, and emergency notifications into one compact system. Imagine a situation where a safety threat arises on campus. With UNITY, an administrator can instantly send an emergency notification to every classroom, ensuring that all students and staff are aware of the situation in real-time. This quick response capability can significantly enhance campus safety, providing peace of mind for everyone. Additionally, UNITY’s versatility allows for vertical or horizontal placement on bookshelves, near panels, or on desks, making it an essential tool for administrators, IT coordinators, and educators. Its ease of installation, updates, and usage sets a new benchmark in educational technology. 


      TimeSign and Xploris: Enhancing the Learning Experience 

      TimeSign redefines what a school clock can do. For instance, imagine a school using TimeSign to not only display the time but also highlight upcoming events like parent-teacher conferences and sports games. Its customizable clock designs and school menu displays streamline communication across campus, ensuring everyone stays informed and organized. When integrated with the FrontRow Conductor Attention! system, TimeSign becomes a pivotal tool for keeping the entire school community connected and engaged, enhancing overall campus communication and coordination. 

      Xploris, our all-in-one STEAM solution, empowers students with its pixel art capability, allowing them to unleash their creativity while learning coding. Imagine a classroom where students use Xploris to create intricate pixel art designs, applying their coding knowledge to program animations and interactive displays. This hands-on approach not only fosters artistic expression but also strengthens their understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in a fun and engaging way. As digital natives explore Xploris's compact, handheld design, they gain essential skills that prepare them for future technological landscapes. 


      Explore Our Comprehensive Solutions at ISTELive 24 

      In addition to our new products, we will also feature our robust and educator-favorite solutions from Mimio and Clevertouch, current FrontRow solutions, the newly launched Robo E4 3D Printer, and MyClass—our platform for instruction creation, formative assessment, student engagement, and one-to-one learning. 

      Join us at Booth 1256 at ISTELive 24 to experience firsthand how Boxlight’s innovative solutions are redefining education technology, safety, and campus communication. 

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