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      Building Futures with 3D Printing Technology

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Apr 25, 2024

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      By leveraging 3D printers, Spencer Peyton, Science Teacher at Summit Academy (Denver, CO) transforms traditional lessons into dynamic, hands-on experiences to inspire his students to actively engage in their learning journey.

      Summit Academy is a pathway school with a mission to "empower (students) to advocate for themselves, be active learners and positive contributors to the global community.” The school serves a diverse student population and Spencer's approach highlights the transformative impact 3D printing technology can have on student engagement and learning outcomes.   

      Spencer emphasizes the importance of fostering an engineering mindset among his students. Through 3D printing, students engage in designing and prototyping projects that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. "I found that it’s really important to use technology,” Spencer comments. Spencer underscores the significance of connecting classroom learning to tangible outcomes. By printing models of office buildings and seawalls, students see the direct application of their lessons to real-life situations. This experiential learning approach not only deepens their understanding but also cultivates a sense of ownership and confidence in their abilities.  

      He also praises the Robo 3D printers (MimioSTEM by Boxlight) for their ease-of-use and efficiency. He says, “I like Robos in particular. I find them really consistent. I like the fact that once I have them set, I can just forget them and let them go.” 

      Spencer believes that 3D printing empowers students to envision themselves in STEM careers. “Increased accessibility for students, and as much as possible, make what they’re learning more real life to what they may do in jobs in the future,” Spencer states.  

      Spencer's integration of 3D printing technology exemplifies how educators can build 21st-century skills and inspire the next generation of innovators. With his dedication to fostering an engineering mindset and facilitating real-life connections, Spencer empowers his students to excel in an ever-evolving world. We're eager to learn more about his 3D printing experiences. 

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