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      Prestigious Independent School Implements Interactive Technology Solution

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, May 10, 2022

      Bury Grammar School_05.10.22

      As part of its ongoing commitment to educational excellence, the prestigious Bury Grammar School (Lancashire, UK) began a major overhaul of its technology assets before the global pandemic hit. The challenges of COVID and blended learning only accelerated demand for better technology, and the school group responded by signing up to a customized 1:1 device plan supplied by educational technology specialists, IDNS. 

      More recently, Bury Grammar School continued its exciting technology upgrade plan with a switch to interactive technology across its multi-site campus to fully take advantage of all the benefits of the new devices to be implemented. Vicky Leaver, Assistant Principal and Director of Academic Provision, explained, “Our teachers and pupils already had Microsoft devices, so it was time to address the missing piece of the triangle - what happens in the classroom itself. Collaborative activities are crucial for successful learning, so we wanted to upgrade to an interactive digital system that would seamlessly link teachers and pupils in the classroom.” 

      On the strength of its already successful relationship with the technology provider, Bury Grammar School asked IDNS to suggest a solution and demonstrate it to the entire project team. IDNS was confident that the interactive technology solution from Clevertouch Technologies would meet each of the school group’s needs. The staff at Bury Grammar School were quickly and completely won over by the Clevertouch solution product. Leaver explained, “There wasn’t just buy-in among our academic leads and teaching staff; there was genuine excitement about the new product. In fact, we had teachers virtually pleading to be the first ones to have it in their classrooms!” 

      Clevertouch solutions have a well-founded reputation for proven functionality and innovation in the world of interactive technology. Most importantly, the Clevertouch solution met each requirement required by Bury Grammar such as compatibility with the existing Microsoft ecosystem that included Teams and Office 365. In addition, the Clevershare feature clearly supported the school’s goal to strengthen collaboration and make it easier for all. Bury was confident that with the Clevertouch technology upgrade, their objectives would be successfully met. 

      To read the full Bury Grammar School story, click here. 

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