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      Celebrating Innovation: Boxlight Earns 8 New Product of the Year Awards

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Jan 9, 2024

      Product of the Year Awards- 2023

      Celebrating success! We’re proud to start the year with 8 wins for Boxlight solutions awarded by THE Journal and Campus Technology. In its fourth year, the 2023 New Product of the Year Awards acknowledge exceptional advancements in product development by recognizing manufacturers and suppliers whose offerings significantly contribute to the evolution of education technology. The exceptional innovation of our solutions, highlighted as standouts in their respective categories, serve as a testament to their quality and our commitment to advancing education.  

      Explore our winning solutions below: 

      Campus Technology 

      Video Display 

      MimioWall (Gold) 

      The MimioWall (Mimio by Boxlight) transforms education learning spaces with vibrant Android digital displays, offering seamless images and exceptional visual qualities. Its integrated design, including a groundbreaking 3-in-1 board, streamlines installation, while the smart remote control ensures easy access to display settings and the Android OS. In classrooms, it fosters collaboration with simultaneous content sharing and synchronous annotation. For larger spaces, the MimioWall provides ultra-wide screens, enhancing the AV experience. Administrators can use the CleverLive digital signage platform for versatile communication, turning each display into a tool for disseminating information, conducting meetings, and addressing alerts. The MimioWall elevates interactivity and communication in all education settings. 


      Video Wall 

      MimioWall (Platinum) 



      THE Journal 

      Classroom Presentation Tool - Hardware 

      IMPACT Lux (Platinum) 

      The IMPACT Lux interactive flat panel (Clevertouch by Boxlight) stands as a transformative tool for educators, distinguished by its Google EDLA certification. This certification ensures seamless integration with essential educational tools, reshaping classroom interactions. Beyond certification, it enhances productivity through the Google PlayStore, providing a variety of educational apps for enriched lessons and streamlined data sharing. The IMPACT Lux prioritizes health and safety with antibacterial features. Boasting 50 touch points, it fosters collaboration, encouraging active participation in dynamic interactions. This certified panel embodies technological advancement, making it an exceptional choice for forward-thinking educational institutions prioritizing transformative teaching and learning. 


      Interactive Whiteboard, Display, Flat Panel or Kiosk 

      IMPACT Lux (Platinum) 

      Clevertouch IMPACT Lux_IMPACT Lux Image_01_main_lg_col6_hpad0

      Robotics System/Curriculum 

      MyBot Recruit (Platinum) 

      The MyBot Recruit (MimioSTEM by Boxlight) is a valuable K-8 educational tool designed to inspire interest in engineering. With color and magnetic field sensors, proximity detectors, and wireless capabilities, it enhances STEM lessons, fostering a deep understanding of engineering concepts. The user-friendly interface supports both graphical and text-based programming, allowing a seamless transition for students. Serving as an educational companion, it provides on-device access to references, tutorials, and videos. Educators gain access to MyBot-specific lessons and Design Challenges from MyStemKits, streamlining support and saving valuable time. The MyBot Recruit is more than a device; it's a gateway to learning, innovation, and exploration. 


      STEM/STEAM Program 

      MyStemKits (Platinum) 

      MyStemKits.com, the online platform for MimioSTEM by Boxlight, provides a comprehensive STEM education solution with 3D models, STEAM challenges, virtual kits, and lesson plans. Developed by FCR-STEM, its curriculum bundles include guides, assessments, and support for Robo 3D printers, Mimio MyBot robots, and Labdiscs. Offering interactive, hands-on learning, it empowers teachers, even those new to STEM, with confidence. The platform encourages 3D printing for real-world problem-solving. Teachers report increased student motivation, and MyStemKits stands out in EdTech and STEM education, preparing the next generation of STEM professionals while saving instructional time and fostering students' passion for STEM fields. 


      Video Display 

      MimioWall (Platinum) 

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      Video Wall 

      MimioWall (Platinum) 



      To explore our award-winning solutions, go to www.boxlight.com

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