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      Clayton County Public Schools Innovates Teaching and Learning with Boxlight Solutions

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Mar 5, 2024

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      Clayton County Public Schools (Jonesboro, GA) and Boxlight's partnership spanning over eight years has significantly transformed education by addressing the challenges posed by outdated technology. CCPS faced issues with aging projectors, prompting a strategic collaboration with Boxlight. The implementation of Boxlight's Mimio interactive solutions, including flat panel displays and student response systems, has helped modernize classrooms and increased student engagement. 

      Key to this success is the partnership with EOS Education by Boxlight, offering specialized teacher training. Former educators make up the team at EOS Education who provide ongoing support, ensuring CCPS teachers confidently integrate technology into their lessons. Digital Learning Specialists, equipped with deep insights into classroom dynamics, assist each school in utilizing Boxlight Mimio solutions effectively and with confidence.

      The benefits are evident in increased student engagement and enthusiastic educators embracing interactive technology. The collaborative relationship between CCPS and Boxlight fosters an environment of continuous growth, innovation, and a shared commitment to advancing educational goals. This enduring relationship underscores Boxlight's dedication to engaging with CCPS leadership and ensuring transformative educational experiences for both teachers and students. 

      For the full Clayton County Public Schools story, click here. 

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