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      Effortless Education with UNITY: Instruct, Announce, Alert!

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Jun 25, 2024

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      Exciting news for educators, administrators, and IT staff: Boxlight is launching a new technology, unmatched in its capabilities that everyone can agree on and will love. FrontRow UNITY and FrontRow UNITY Campus are first-of-its-kind ed tech solutions that completely unify technology both within the class and school. With UNITY, the ability to instruct, announce, and alert is taken to a completely new level. Compact yet powerful, UNITY boosts student engagement and well-being. Easy to install, use, update, and upgrade.  


      Instruct: Enhancing Classroom Instruction 

      UNITY integrates advanced-tech classroom audio with intuitive instructional control. Powered by FrontRow ELEVATE, UNITY delivers clear, intelligible sound through the Action! Teacher Microphone, and FrontRow’s unique smart technologies — OptiVoice+, PrivaSee, Solo, PrioriTeach+, and Adapto+ — ensuring every student hears lessons with clarity. Teachers can manage instructional tasks effortlessly, whether through the microphone, MyFrontRow app, or UNITY control panels. UNITY’s classroom audio and instructional device controls create a seamless and powerful flow of instruction that enhances teaching effectiveness while promoting equity and access to instruction for all students. 


      Announce: Streamlining Campus Communication 

      UNITY Campus, when used with FrontRow Conductor, streamlines campus-wide announcements, paging, and intercom functionalities. Users will appreciate how the UNITY system can quickly and easily send alerts to the office, via the UNITY device, the MyFrontRow app, or the Action! teacher mic. Despite its compact design, UNITY certainly packs a powerful punch in efficient and clear communication. UNITY Campus also comes with ClassLight, a beacon that gives teacher’s a visual cue to the system’s status. 


      Alert: Ensuring Campus Safety 

      School safety is essential, and UNITY Campus, combined with FrontRow’s award-winning Attention! Feature for simultaneous audio and display alerting, offers the most robust emergency communication system available for schools. During an emergency, teachers can swiftly initiate an emergency notification using the alert button on UNITY, alert buttons on the Action! Teacher Microphone, or through the alert button in the MyFrontRow app on a Boxlight interactive display panel. FrontRow Conductor can also automate network actions per your school’s emergency operations plan, notify law enforcement or district offices, or integrate emergency management platforms like CrisisGo for quick emergency response. 


      Connected Educational Environments 

      By combining and evolving Instruct, Announce, and Alert functionalities, UNITY transforms educational environments into cohesive, interconnected spaces. This groundbreaking solution represents a leap forward in educational technology, addressing critical instructional, communication, and safety needs within schools. As schools meet ongoing shifts and challenges, UNITY emerges as a flexible, forward-looking solution. UNITY is the future of teaching, learning, and school safety. 


      Learn more about UNITY and UNITY Campus and how it can enrich effortless education in your schools. Go to https://boxlight.com/products/classroom-sound-systems/unity

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