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      Holiday Activities for the Classroom

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Dec 8, 2022


      Download a few festive activities for some end-of-year fun. Here is a small collection of classroom resources for LYNX, MimioStudio, and MimioConnect that explore Christmas Around the World, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s and more.


      Christmas Around the World

      Learn how Christmas is celebrated across 6 countries around the world and then take part in the fun quiz.


      Christmas Activities

      • Design a Snowman - while in presentation mode, drag items from the box to create your own snowman
      • Advent Calendar - while in presentation mode, click on the numbered square to reveal a festive picture. Download the latest version of LYNX Whiteboard to access this activity.
      • Find the Hidden Gonks - can you find all 5 identical Gonk brothers who are hiding in the picture? Use the pen to circle the ones you have found.
      • Create a Santa Story - while in presentation mode move the characters around the screen to create your own story about Santa at the North Pole.
      • How to decorate a Christmas Tree - follow the instructions on how to decorate a tree. While in presentation mode drag the decorations onto your tree to decorate it. Download the latest version of LYNX Whiteboard to access this activity.
      • Snowflake Angles - Rotate and manipulate the protractor to measure various angles on the snowflake.


      How to add content to your Clever Folder



      MimioStudio Holiday Pack

      This Holiday Pack contains fun holiday images, templates, multimedia, and lessons/activities. You can use the templates, clip art, and multimedia to create your own Mimio lessons, or choose from a handful of premade lessons. Looking for more? In MimioStudio, click on the Lessons tab.


      The Free Holiday Pack contains resources appropriate for:

      • Winter
      • Christmas
      • Hanukkah
      • Kwanzaa

      More activities are available at search.mimioconnect.com. Sign up for a free account today. 


      Holiday Trivia a PowerPoint Presentation 

      Learn a little about celebrations around the world and then take part in the fun quiz that touches on Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, and more. 


      Did you know you can import PowerPoint presentations into MimioConnect, blended learning platform? 

      Watch this video to learn more. 

      Happy Holidays from Boxlight. 


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