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How Clevertouch Helped Make Learning Accessible for NA College

Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Dec 17, 2020

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NA College (United Kingdom) was faced with the task of investing in technology that would make the learning experience more enriching and fulfilling for both staff and students. Says Lisa Emmerson, Digital Learning and Innovation Manager at NA College, “We decided to move to interactive displays to enhance classroom management and boost learner enthusiasm and engagement.” Emmerson felt that displays provided an abundance of new options that they did not have previously with the traditional laptop and TV monitor combination.

Because the college had recently shifted to a blended delivery approach of instruction, they needed equipment and tech that allowed staff to interact and engage with learners from anywhere, home or classroom. Of critical importance was that learning was kept consistent and flowing so that interruptions were minimized if not eliminated. Emmerson comments, “We need technology that would allow (students) to continue their studies and get the full classroom experience from their home so as not to be at a disadvantage when it comes to their learning.”

In stepped Clevertouch and their intuitive UX Pro display and its exceptional functions such as accessibility to the internet to search for images, information, and videos to support instruction, and the QR code capability so that students can access session notes for later review as needed.

For more on the positive experience from NA College, read Making Learning Accessible from Anywhere at NA College.

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