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      Increasing Personalized Learning

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Apr 3, 2024

      Unbox Innovation-5-Increasing Personalized Learning

      In this episode of Unbox Innovation, host Amy Chodroff interviews Nick Gearing, Training and Development Specialist at EOS Education by Boxlight, about personalized learning. Nick explains that personalized learning involves tailoring education to individual students' needs, incorporating elements such as choice, diverse assessment methods, and flexible learning formats. He emphasizes that personalized learning is not solely about creating individual plans but also about recognizing and building on each student's strengths. 

      He also discusses how personalized learning can be implemented in classrooms, relating his own experiences as an English Language Arts teacher. Nick highlights the importance of students setting achievable goals and providing them with opportunities for independent work and facilitating small group instruction. He also addresses concerns about the workload for teachers, suggesting that they start with manageable steps and utilize available resources and tools, including emerging AI-driven technologies. 

      The conversation touches on funding challenges for teachers and the availability of grants for personalized learning initiatives. Nick acknowledges the importance of standardized testing but stresses that personalized learning aims to surpass standardized benchmarks while still meeting educational standards. 

      Overall, Nick emphasizes the positive impact of personalized learning on student engagement and collaborative environments and the potential for enhanced outcomes and fostering more inclusive and engaging learning experiences. 

      Watch the full Unbox Innovation podcast episode for an in-depth exploration of personalized learning and its profound implications for the future of education. 


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