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      MimioConnect Blended Learning Platform – Now with More Features!

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Aug 2, 2022


      The innovative MimioConnect® blended learning platform has helped teachers deliver interactive lessons for students in both traditional classroom settings as well as those learning remotely. Now, MimioConnect has added new features to enhance collaboration and facilitate more seamless teaching and learning experiences. 

      With the recent release of MimioConnect: 

      • Students can add and save their own annotations and notes to a lesson at any time. This is ideal for note taking, adding comments to lessons, and when sharing their own work during class discussions.  
      • Teachers can view student work live. This means that teachers can monitor student responses and notes as they happen. Additionally, teachers can share the student’s work, screen, or notes with the class. 
      • Badges can be awarded. Using the View Live tools, teachers can give students badges as they complete assignments. Badges can help reinforce positive behaviors such as lesson completion and active participation. 
      • Added a text option to polling. Teachers can include questions that require students to develop written responses. This functionality helps teachers gain a better understanding of a student’s comprehension of a topic/concept/skill. 
      • Add PhET math and science simulations to lessons. Enhance STEM lessons with simulations that will help deepen understanding of new concepts.  

      These are just a sampling of the host of new features added to this MimioConnect release. To learn how teachers can view student work, watch the video: 


      We are excited to show educators how MimioConnect can work for them and their students, including its flexibility to be used in any learning environment. To request a demo and/or a free trial of this award-winning Boxlight solution, click here: MimioConnect 


      To learn more about our robust portfolio of solutions for education and enterprise, visit www.boxlight.com. 

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