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      MimioPro G Wins Education Hardware Innovation Award

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Jun 6, 2024

      Awards of Excellence-MimioPro G

      In the modern classroom of digital natives, capturing their attention and fostering engagement are key challenges for educators. The MimioPro G interactive display addresses these challenges head-on by seamlessly integrating with an extensive suite of educational tools while offering unique benefits that set it apart from other displays. Its advanced features earned an Education Hardware Innovation Award in the 2024 EdTech Breakthrough Awards Program. 

      The mission of the EdTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of educational technology categories, including Student Engagement, Education Hardware, Adaptive Learning, STEM Education, Remote Learning, Career Preparation and many more. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world.     

      At Boxlight, we are proud that this prestigious organization recognized our newly launched MimioPro G interactive display. At the heart of the MimioPro G's offering is complimentary training for teachers to obtain Google educator certification. This distinct feature empowers teachers to leverage the full potential of Google tools, such as Classroom, Docs, Slides, and Jamboard, in creative ways to meet the diverse needs of their students. With Google certification, teachers gain deeper insights into utilizing these tools effectively, enabling them to implement dynamic instructional techniques and methods tailored to their students' individual learning styles. 

      The integration of Google tools with the MimioPro G not only enhances the classroom experience but also fosters a collaborative learning environment where students can actively engage with educational content. With access to a wide array of educational apps and resources through the Google PlayStore, teachers can create interactive and immersive learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of each student. 

      In addition, the MimioPro G's advanced security features, including 50 touchpoints and antibacterial glass, ensure a safe and protected learning environment for students and teachers alike. This commitment to safety and innovation underscores our company’s dedication to revolutionizing interactive education in the modern classroom. 

      “Boxlight’s immersive and inclusive approach enhances the learning experience, cultivates teamwork, and fosters camaraderie for more impactful lessons. Keeping students engaged can be difficult, and making lessons dynamic, interactive, and inclusive, is the key,” said Steve Johansson, managing director, EdTech Breakthrough. “The MimioPro G deserves the ‘Education Hardware Innovation Award’ as it redefines classroom dynamics. For districts and schools committed to transformative teaching and learning experiences, MimioPro G represents an education hardware solution that embodies technological advancement and innovation.”    

      The MimioPro G's recognition with the Education Hardware Innovation Award reflects our mission to redefining classroom dynamics. We are honored by this acknowledgment and remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in educational technology. 

      For a complete list of this year’s EdTech Breakthrough Awards winners, click here. 

      Learn more about the award-winning MimioPro G and how it can enhance your tech-enabled learning spaces. Go to www.boxlight.com/products/interactive-displays/mimiopro-g.  


      Explore robust and inclusive tech solutions by going to www.boxlight.com.  

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