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      National Safety Month: Keeping Schools Safe

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Jun 7, 2023

      National Safety Month_06.07.2023

      June is National Safety Month, a reminder to prioritize workplace safety and be prepared for any potential hazards. This is especially important for our schools where teachers, staff, and students need to be prepared for any situation. By taking proactive steps, being prepared for emergencies, and creating a culture of safety, school leadership, safety managers, and point personnel can make sure everyone in the school community is protected and feels secure. 


      Start by being proactive. Regularly check for potential hazards, maintain clear walkways, and follow safety guidelines for equipment. This includes any technology such as bells and tones, network device management systems, and digital signage. Routine tests of equipment can help ensure that when the time comes for sharing news and instructions during an emergency, the integrated communication systems are reliable and effective. By staying alert and addressing safety concerns early on, we reduce the risk of accidents or injuries in schools. 

      Being prepared for emergencies is crucial. Develop emergency response plans, practice drills, and train staff on proper procedures. Partner with local authorities for additional support, which can include training and regular visits to the campus. Being prepared ensures swift and effective action during critical situations. 

      Create a culture of safety by encouraging open communication and reporting of concerns. Sharing best practices and ongoing training keep school staff informed and committed, while reinforcing the commitment to safety. By fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up, potential issues or weaknesses in the system can be addressed promptly. This collective effort empowers individuals to prioritize safety and take proactive steps. 

      Workplace safety is a joint effort. Parents, guardians, and students play a vital role in creating a safe environment, so engage them in safety discussions, provide resources and encourage their active participation in safety initiatives. Empower students to be proactive by facilitating regular safety drills and encouraging them to report any concerns they notice. By fostering a collaborative approach that includes parents and students, a strong safety culture is established, ensuring the well-being of everyone in the school community. 

      During National Safety Month, let's prioritize safety in schools. By being proactive, prepared for emergencies, and fostering a culture of safety, school leaders can help foster an environment where everyone feels secure. Use this month as an opportunity to strengthen safety measures and create safer educational environments as a school community. 


      To explore school safety solutions that integrate classroom and campus technology, including teacher mic panic buttons, click here: Improve Safety Communication. 

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