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      Robo 3D Update: Do More from Anywhere!

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, May 9, 2023


      We’re excited to announce a new update to the printing capabilities of our award-winning Robo E3 3D printers – you can now print directly from Tinkercad! Tinkercad is a free web app for 3D design, electronics, and coding. Teachers everywhere use Tinkercad to help get them started with 3D printing in their classrooms. 

      For schools and classrooms that implement MimioSTEM Robo 3D printers, in addition to MyStemKits comprehensive STEM curriculum, Tinkercad has been an easy-to-use option for designing materials. With the update to the Robo printing options, you can now send your files directly from Tinkercad to your RoboCloud account! RoboCloud allows for wireless printing and monitoring of all your Robo E3 and E3 Pro printers. It's easy to add your 3D printers and upload your models to this online platform. After that, you can set up your slicing settings, send and queue prints, and even monitor your printers remotely using the onboard cameras.  

      Here’s how you do it: 

      • Make sure you have both Tinkercad and RoboCloud accounts logged in. 
      • Create a design and select it in Tinkercad. 
      • Click Export. 
      • Select 3D Print. 
      • Click on the Robo logo. 
      • Click Continue to RoboCloud. 
      • The model will now be transferred into your "My Models" area of RoboCloud. 
      • Click here to watch our RoboCloud videos for information on sending a print to your Robo 3D Printer from our cloud-based printing platform! 


      To learn more about our Robo 3D printers, click here – Robo 3D Printers. 

      To explore our robust suite of MimioSTEM solutions, including ready-to-use lessons, click here – MimioSTEM. 


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