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      Social & Emotional Learning: Key Indicators

      Posted by Boxlight on Mon, Oct 25, 2021


      Research shows that social and emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom helps students understand their emotions, how to deal with personal challenges and difficulties, and teaches them the skills needed to deal with life inside and outside of the classroom. To help teachers integrate SEL, Boxlight has planned a roundtable discussion with educators and industry experts focusing on how to ensure learning environments are supportive and responsive to SEL needs.  

      Recently, Karleen Vaughn, a Boxlight education specialist, hosted a special panel of guests focused on social and emotional learning, including resources to help teachers support these skills in the classroom. The Social and Emotional Learning: Key Indicators for Classroom Integration roundtable is available to view hereSocial and Emotional Learning: Key Indicators for Classroom Integration. 


      We hope that you take the time to view this informative and thought-provoking discussion on how to best support our students as they continue to navigate the various demands of life.  

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