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      Teacher Professional Development: The Benefits of Nano Learning

      Posted by Krista Walker on Wed, May 10, 2023

      Teacher PD -05.10.2023

      The value of teacher professional development cannot be overstated. Quality professional learning experiences content incorporates the latest research and best practices in the field, helping teachers advance their knowledge, skills, and practices. Teacher PD can also provide teachers with opportunities to reflect on their teaching practices, identify areas for improvement, and receive feedback from peers or mentors. This reflective process can lead to increased self-awareness, professional growth, and job satisfaction. 

      While we understand that well-designed professional development experiences are worthwhile, limited time and resources can sometimes lead to teacher PD fatigue. When content is ‘one-size-fits-all', it addresses some but not all of the unique needs teachers face in the classroom, takes too long to ‘get to the point’, and excludes incorporating technology currently used, teachers may become apathetic towards what is offered as professional training. What is becoming an effective means to support professional development sessions? Nano learning. 

      Nano learning is a type of micro-learning that involves short, focused, and highly specific learning modules that can be completed in a short amount of time, typically 1 to 5 minutes. The goal of nano learning is to provide just-in-time, bite-sized learning opportunities that can be easily integrated into a teacher's busy schedule. 

      In the context of teacher professional development, nano learning can be a highly effective way to provide ongoing training and support to teachers. By breaking down complex topics into small, easily digestible chunks, teachers can quickly gain new knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately in their classrooms. 

      Some examples of nano learning for teacher professional development include short videos, interactive activities, informal assessments, virtual playgrounds, and customized coaching sessions both online and onsite. To maximize retention for application in the classroom, EOS Education employs nano learning to support ongoing professional development for teachers. What are some reasons that nano learning is the right choice for delivering professional development? 

      1. Flexibility: Nano learning modules can be accessed at any time, from any location, making them ideal for busy teachers who may have limited time for professional development. They can be completed in short intervals throughout the day.
      2. Customization: Nano learning allows teachers to select the specific topics and skills they want to learn or improve upon. This allows them to focus on their individual needs and interests, and to quickly gain new knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately in their classrooms. 

      3. Engagement: Nano learning modules are typically designed to be interactive and engaging, with multimedia elements such as videos, quizzes, and games. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable and helps to keep teachers motivated and engaged in their professional development. 

      4. Continuous Learning: Nano learning provides ongoing learning opportunities that can be easily integrated into a teacher's daily routine. It allows teachers to continuously build their knowledge and skills over time, rather than relying on occasional, one-time professional development events. 

      Nano learning can be a highly effective way to deliver and support teacher professional development because it provides quick, targeted, and easily accessible learning opportunities that can be integrated into a teacher's busy schedule. When teachers feel that their time is valued, then the willingness to participate in these timely, comprehensive, and customized learning sessions is increased. This can ultimately lead to improved student achievement and school outcomes. 


      EOS Education by Boxlight works with schools and districts to optimize the professional development learning experience. They work with school leadership and coordinators to identify key needs and goals to design customized content that is impactful and effective. Their robust portfolio of high-quality content and services is developed by teachers for teachers. To explore what EOS Education can offer your school or district, click here – EOS Professional Development for Teachers. 

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