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      Teaching Students with Hearing Challenges While Easing Strain on Teachers

      Posted by Boxlight on Fri, Sep 9, 2022


      The ability to understand the lessons being taught in a classroom is crucial for student learning. If the teacher must strain to have themselves heard, or students cannot access the lesson because of hearing challenges, this can impede active learning. Jaime Mendez, Regional VP and Application Engineer for FrontRow by Boxlight, recently discussed the value of high-quality audio systems to support teachers and students with Larry Jacobs from Equity and Access PreK-12 (ace-ed.org).  

      Jacobs shared interesting data from the CDC, which includes that about 15% of young people ages 16-19 have hearing loss at 16 decibels in one or both ears. About 1% of young people in this age group have severe hearing loss. He then asked Mendez about overall district response to these numbers. 

      “School districts do the best they can. I have to say that, and I have to stand up for that because many school districts don’t have as much funding as compared to others,” stated Mendez. “And they still do provide these ... services for the children and that’s how we get to know what’s going on.” 

      Mendez went on to mention that many students go to school with hearing loss and don’t realize it. This lack of recognition can seriously impede learning on any given day (“About 25% of these kids that are going to school are not having a good hearing day.”). Jacobs emphasized that clearly there is an equity issue, and audio technology can help both teachers and students. 

      Listen to the full podcast! Click here and select Teaching Students with Hearing Challenges. 


      For more on the importance of sound equity, read Sound Equity in the Modern Classroom. 

      To learn more about audio systems for both campus and classroom, go to gofrontrow.com. 

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