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      Texas School Safety Standards and Boxlight Campus Communication Solutions

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Feb 1, 2023

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      School safety continues to be a key priority for many districts, especially considering the changing dynamic of our teaching and learning environments. As students develop emotionally and mentally, their sense of well-being, confidence, and safety can be a factor to their overall academic success.  The Boxlight suite of instructional technology help power a school’s communication and safety systems. 

      Texas has proposed a School Safety Standards Rule to “address school safety and ensure minimum school safety standards to address the safety of students and staff alike” in their public schools. This proposed rule requires school systems have the appropriate components to help improve the safety and security of school facilities, staff, students, and visitors. This includes a silent, panic alert system that can be triggered by staff and simultaneously alerts school administrators, law enforcement, and staff. The Attention! solution comprehensively meets these requirements, as well as providing schools with the added benefit of general communication for daily school activities. 

      Attention! technology works in combination with the FrontRow Conductor system, the CleverLive cloud management platform, and either the MimioPro 4 or Clevertouch® IMPACT Max interactive displays to provide a comprehensive and effective campus communication solution. FrontRow’s Conductor campus communication platform powers swift communication that keeps everyone informed and on the same page. It is a fully customizable system that enables schools to communicate as well as manage IP-based devices per their protocols. CleverLive cloud content management platform turns the MimioPro 4 or the IMPACT Max display into a communications tool. With CleverLive, users can access, control, and manage content from anywhere. These industry-leading solutions natively work together to simultaneously broadcast alert and visual alerts and updates to displays and FrontRow classroom audio systems schoolwide or within a district. Attention! is an essential asset, especially when information needs to be disseminated quickly and accurately. 

      Attention sign in school office

      The multi-award winning Attention! is an excellent solution to meet and exceed Texas School Safety Standards (for more on the proposed rule, click here). This includes a silent alert system that can be programmed on the Action!™ teacher mic which can be triggered manually so that administrators, law enforcement, and staff are made aware of a critical safety event. Texas has proposed funding (2023-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant) to help schools and learning institutions implement campus safety and protection requirements, and Boxlight can help with this process.  

      Boxlight has an in-house Grants Assistance Program (GAP) that will help district/school teams navigate the grants application process including but not limited to understanding the requirements, aligning products and solutions, and managing the materials needed for the application. For more information on GAP, click here. 

      We understand the challenges that districts and schools face in acquiring the necessary products and tools to help everyone on a school campus feel safer, while also meeting an array of teaching and learning needs and challenges. Our communication solutions can be customized to fit your needs and requirements. For more information or if you would like a visit, click here. 


      To explore award-winning solutions from Boxlight and its family of brands – Mimio, Clevertouch Technologies, FrontRow, MimioSTEM, EOS Education – go to www.boxlight.com.  

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