Mimio Educator

      Enhancing Learning with OptiVoice+ Technology

      Reimagining Student Engagement: Embracing EdTech Advancements

      Inclusive Education: Bridging the Gap with Technology

      MimioPro G Wins Education Hardware Innovation Award

      Educational Technology: Innovations Beyond Classroom Walls

      Empowering Education: Indian River County Schools’ STEM Journey

      Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills via Makerspaces and 3D Printing

      Using Google Workspace: 10 Tips for Year-End and Summer Prep

      Boosting Student Comprehension with High-Quality Audio in the Classroom

      Exploring Endangered Species: Unleashing the Superpowers of Wildlife

      Integrating Technology via Tailored Professional Development

      Bridging Gaps with Juno Lesson Capture

      Froggy Fun: STEM Adventures for National Frog Jumping Day!

      Clayton County Public Schools Wins Boxlight District of the Year Award

      Boxlight Ranks #28 of Top EdTech Companies by TIME Magazine

      Tech-Enabled Learning Environments: Empowering Education

      Streamline Outdoor Procedures and More with Lyrik

      Teachers, Thank You...

      Interactive Displays: They’re More Than Whiteboards!

      From Inspiration to Innovation: The Role of 3D Printing in My Inventions

      Discover the Power of 3D Printing with the Robo E4 and E4 Pro

      Helping Teachers Embrace Change through Technology

      Maximizing Outdoor Communication with Portable Audio

      Building Futures with 3D Printing Technology

      From Childhood Dreamer to Inventor Extraordinaire: Part 1 of a Visionary's Story

      The Role of Portable Audio in Classroom Settings

      Amplifying Equity: The Power of Audio in Education

      Advancing Education with Award-Winning EdTech Solutions

      Boxlight Solutions Shine as Cool Tools of 2024

      Increasing Personalized Learning

      Inclusive Spaces: Building a Dynamic Learning Ecosystem

      CleverLive Maintenance

      The Educator's Virtual Escapes: Nurturing Well-being Through Digital Adventures

      Transforming Education at Horizon Christian Academy with Boxlight Technology

      Advancing Education: Integrating EdTech and AV Solutions in Private Schools

      Cultivating Knowledge: The Transformative Power of Planting Activities

      Amplify Teachers to Amplify Results

      Clayton County Public Schools Innovates Teaching and Learning with Boxlight Solutions

      Strategic Technology Integration for Educational Impact

      Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance Transforms Learning with Clevertouch Technology

      Innovation at Father Yermo Schools: Tech-Powered Learning

      The Why’s and How’s of Schoolyard Birding

      Clevertouch Unveils State-of-the-Art Headquarters

      Boxlight Wins Best of 2023 Tech & Learning Excellence Awards

      Nurturing Learning Environments: Strategies for Effective Classroom Centers

      We’re Coming to TCEA!

      Writers Workshop: Fostering Writing Resilience

      Inspire Your Heart with Art Day: A Celebration of Art and Unity

      Unlock New Possibilities: Introducing MimioAI within MimioConnect™

      Celebrating International Day of Education with Interactive Activities

      Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments: The Role of DEI Initiatives in Schools

      Crafting a 3D-Printed Violin: An English Teacher's Journey

      Building Empathy and Encouraging Better Choices

      Fostering Growth Through Guidance: The Impact of Mentorship in Education

      Nurturing Tomorrow's Workforce: Transforming High School and Vocational Education with Tech

      Mastering Classroom Audio: Tips for a Better Learning Experience

      Embracing the Potential of AI for Teaching and Learning

      Celebrating Innovation: Boxlight Earns 8 New Product of the Year Awards

      Boxlight Introduces the MimioPro G: An All-Inclusive Solution for Modern Classrooms

      Unbox Innovation: Reframing Technology for Classroom Instruction

      Baker’s Dozen of Top Mimio Educator Blogs for 2023

      2023 Teacher’s Tracklist: Wrapping Up This Year’s Classroom Hits

      Navigating Tomorrow: Top 10 Education Trends for 2024

      A Heartfelt Thank You from Boxlight

      Exploring Hydroponics and pH Monitoring with #MimioSTEMChallenge Winner

      Happy Holidays from Boxlight - Please note office and warehouse hours

      MimioPro 4 Firmware Update Coming Soon!

      Unbox Innovation: Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom, Part 2

      National App Day: Embracing the Digital Revolution

      Teaching Tales: Time Traveler Day Sparks Classroom Time Capsules

      Denver Public Schools: Pioneering Career Discovery with MimioSTEM

      Honoring Inclusivity: The Importance of National Special Education Day

      Red Planet Day: Simple Lessons for K-12 Exploration

      The Ripple Effect of Kindness: Nurturing Relationships, Embracing Gratitude

      Sparkling Ideas: 10 Interactive Activities Before Winter Break

      Supporting Vocabulary Learning with Transformative Classroom Technology

      World Children's Day: Empowering Young Minds for a Brighter Tomorrow

      American Education Week: Supporting Educators Through Change

      Celebrating Substitute Teachers: Where Would We Be Without Them?

      Empowering Future Scientists: Daniel Thompson Named eSchool News Hero Educator Awards Finalist

      Unbox Innovation: Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom, Part 1

      Celebrate National STEM Day on November 8 with Exciting Classroom Activities

      Boxlight Presents Unbox Innovation, a Transformative Podcast Series

      CleverLive Wins Digital Signage Technology of the Year!

      Ready? Set. MimioSTEM Challenge!

      Navigating Classroom Communication: A Deep Dive into Argumentative vs. Aggressive Dynamics

      Unlocking the Power of STEM Education: A Journey from Bradford Woods to the STEM Lab

      Unbox Innovation Podcast Pilot Episode with Hannah Olson

      Enhancing Phonemic Awareness with Classroom Audio

      Empowering Teachers: 9 Actions for Improved Success

      Unlocking Inclusive Learning with Mimio Robo E3 3D Printers

      The Power of Project-Based Learning for Personalized Learning

      Pro AV Best in Market 2023 Awards: Clevertouch by Boxlight Solutions Win!

      Are you Ready? Set. STEM!

      Empowering Education: Interactive Assessments and Innovative Tools

      Leveraging Tech to Enhance Campus Safety: A Guide for Schools

      Selecting Classroom Audio Tools for Inclusive Learning

      Mimio News: MimioPro 4 OTA Update

      Boxlight Solutions Win 9 Best for Back to School Awards!

      Sharing Notes: Enhancing Learning After Every Lesson

      Unlocking STEM Excellence: Liberty Local School District's Innovative Journey

      Empowering Tomorrow's STEM Leaders: The Role of Coding in Grades K-5

      Update for Educators: Changes to MimioPad

      Teacher Self-Care: 5 Tech-Savvy Tips to Keep You Going

      Mimio News: MimioPro 4 Update Incoming!

      Connecting Literacy and Engineering: Empowering Students in K-12 Education

      Classroom Audio Tools: Superheroes of the Classroom

      Advancing Education through an Enriched Learning Ecosystem

      Transforming Education Through High-Tech Professional Development: 5 Benefits for K-12

      10 Ed Tech Tips and Tricks to Start the School Year Strong

      Revolutionizing Learning: Labdisc Transforms at Ron Clark Academy

      Equitable Assessments: 10 Steps to Empowering Every Student's Success

      Advancing STEM Education: Empowered Learning for All

      Clayton County Public Schools and EOS Education: Celebrating Teachers and More

      Top 5 Things to Do When Using EdTech

      Enhancing the Ed Tech Ecosystem with Innovative Technology

      Gamification in Education: 7 Benefits of Engaging Students Through Playful Learning

      Having Trouble with Unsubmitted Work? Set up Tech Procedures

      AI and ChatGPT – Do They Hold Value in Today’s World and Should We Be Worried?

      Coming Soon - Exciting Updates for the ProColor 3 Interactive Flat Panel Display!

      6 Educational Technology Resources to Enhance Teaching and Learning

      Breaking Barriers: My Journey in Graphic Design and STEAM Education

      Mathematics Elevated: Classroom Audio's Transformative Potential

      Benefits of Classroom Audio for English Language Learners

      Summer Tech Fest 2023: Port Neches-Groves ISD

      Unlock the Power of STEM: STEM Wednesdays with MimioSTEM

      Empowering Teachers: Supporting Social-Emotional Learning

      Enhancing Reading Comprehension: The Power of Quality Classroom Audio

      Personalized Learning: Strategies for In-Class and Online Environments

      Boxlight Solutions Win 5 ISTE Live 2023 Best of Show Awards!

      Digital Signage: Where to Start

      MimioPro 4 Firmware Update - Summer Release 2023

      Revitalizing Education: 10 Key Trends for Enhanced Learning and Growth

      Harnessing the Power of Robotics in Education: 7 Benefits and Possibilities

      Learn and Earn at ISTE Live 23!

      Empowering Girls in Engineering: Activities to Unleash Their Potential

      5 Activities to Celebrate World Rainforest Day

      Enhance Classroom Sound with PowerLine and the MyFrontRow App!

      We Won 7 Best of Show Awards at InfoComm 2023!

      3-2-1 Launch! New Mimio MyBot Recruit is Ready for Classrooms!

      Explore the Exciting New STEM Education Kits by MyStemKits

      Attention! Wins Best Technology Solution for Student Safety

      National Safety Month: Keeping Schools Safe

      ChatGPT and Language Arts – Do’s, Don'ts, and Teacher Tips

      School Safety in Georgia: Investing, Innovating, and Impact

      Ensuring School Safety: 5 Key Strategies

      Girls and STEM – How Can We Close the Gender Gap?

      EOS Education Earns the Education Partner Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage

      News You Can Use: How Current Events Connect Classroom Learning to the Real World

      Teacher Professional Development: The Benefits of Nano Learning

      Robo 3D Update: Do More from Anywhere!

      Teachers, We Thank You!

      Effective Teacher Professional Development for an Integrated Communication System

      Transforming Classroom Audio: An Innovative Solution for Enhanced Learning

      Act Fast on ESSER Funds 2023

      Planning for School Safety: The Importance of Safety Measures and Grants Assistance Programs

      The Importance of an Integrated Communication System

      5 Tips for Maintaining Vocal Health

      Boxlight Round Table: Planning for Enhanced School Safety

      Planning for Enhanced School Safety with an Integrated Communication System

      Exciting Updates to MimioConnect®

      STEM Education for Young Learners – Why Start Early?

      Top 4 Reasons Why Classroom Audio Solutions are Essential

      Boxlight Solutions Earn Places on The EdTech Awards 2023 Finalists and Winners List

      5 Key Considerations for a Professional Development Program

      Clevertouch by Boxlight is Back at Bett!

      The Critical Role of Teacher Professional Development in Launching and Sustaining Effective Initiatives

      Unplug'd Updates

      The Benefits of a Digital Signage Solution in Schools

      CleverShare App Updates

      Create Exceptional Experiences with the New MimioWall

      Top 6 Reasons Classroom Sound Can Accelerate Learning

      MimioStudio Version 12 is Here!

      Transform Engagement and Interactions with Mimio DS Series Display

      Taking Advantage of a “Teachable Moment” with 3D Printed Materials

      Education Grants – 23 for ‘23

      My Science Classroom: Then and Now

      Texas School Safety Standards and Boxlight Campus Communication Solutions

      Boxlight Brands Win 10 Best of 2022 Awards from Tech & Learning

      Professional Development to Support Communication and Safety

      Boxlight is Coming to TCEA 2023!

      Ed Tech for Young Learners - Ideas for Early Ed Classrooms

      Ed Tech for Young Learners – What Are the Benefits?

      Start STEM Instruction with New Lessons from MyStemKits

      Education Webinars to Start 2023

      Our Favorite Experiences of the Year - Team Boxlight

      Top 10 Mimio Educator Blogs of 2022

      Nano Learning and Teacher Professional Learning

      Boxlight Brands Win Multiple New Products of the Year Awards!

      Winter Break What-to-Do's

      SAMR, Ed Tech, and Your Classroom - How It All Works Together

      Boxlight OTA Firmware Updates for Interactive Displays

      Holiday Activities for the Classroom

      4 Steps to Improve Class Communication

      Mimio K-12 Ed Tech Solutions Named Top Products of the Year

      New Firmware for ProColor 3 and MimioPro 4 Interactive Panels - Coming Soon

      STEM CAREERS: Business Operations Manager

      Enhancing Safety Protocols & Communication with Interactive Displays

      25 Teacher Memes That Tell It Like It Is

      MimioSTEM Wins Excellence in Equity Award for Best STEM Solution


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