Mimio Educator

      Boxlight Solutions Earn Places on The EdTech Awards 2023 Finalists and Winners List

      5 Key Considerations for a Professional Development Program

      Clevertouch by Boxlight is Back at Bett!

      The Critical Role of Teacher Professional Development in Launching and Sustaining Effective Initiatives

      Unplug'd Updates

      The Benefits of a Digital Signage Solution in Schools

      CleverShare App Updates

      Create Exceptional Experiences with the New MimioWall

      Top 6 Reasons Classroom Sound Can Accelerate Learning

      MimioStudio Version 12 is Here!

      Transform Engagement and Interactions with Mimio DS Series Display

      Taking Advantage of a “Teachable Moment” with 3D Printed Materials

      Education Grants – 23 for ‘23

      My Science Classroom: Then and Now

      Texas School Safety Standards and Boxlight Campus Communication Solutions

      Boxlight Brands Win 10 Best of 2022 Awards from Tech & Learning

      Professional Development to Support Communication and Safety

      Boxlight is Coming to TCEA 2023!

      Ed Tech for Young Learners - Ideas for Early Ed Classrooms

      Ed Tech for Young Learners – What Are the Benefits?

      Start STEM Instruction with New Lessons from MyStemKits

      Education Webinars to Start 2023

      Our Favorite Experiences of the Year - Team Boxlight

      Top 10 Mimio Educator Blogs of 2022

      Nano Learning and Teacher Professional Learning

      Boxlight Brands Win Multiple New Products of the Year Awards!

      Winter Break What-to-Do's

      SAMR, Ed Tech, and Your Classroom - How It All Works Together

      Boxlight OTA Firmware Updates for Interactive Displays

      Holiday Activities for the Classroom

      4 Steps to Improve Class Communication

      Mimio K-12 Ed Tech Solutions Named Top Products of the Year

      New Firmware for ProColor 3 and MimioPro 4 Interactive Panels - Coming Soon

      STEM CAREERS: Business Operations Manager

      Enhancing Safety Protocols & Communication with Interactive Displays

      25 Teacher Memes That Tell It Like It Is

      MimioSTEM Wins Excellence in Equity Award for Best STEM Solution

      STEM CAREERS: Mathematician and Statistician

      Building an Inclusive Environment for All Learners

      10 STEM Activities to Make Learning Fun!

      Using 3D Printing to Review Plate Tectonics

      STEM CAREERS: Actuary

      Boxlight Virtual Classroom – Mimio Winter Webinars

      A Day in the Life of Lyrik – Classroom Time!

      Updates to OKTOPUS Software - Improved Teaching Tools for Accessibility & Ease of Use

      A Day in the Life of Lyrik – It’s PE Time!

      New Features in MimioConnect Help Maximize Hybrid Learning

      A Day in the Life of Lyrik – Helping the Principal

      The Professional Development & Ed Tech Vision for Las Cruces Public Schools

      Educator Webinars for Technology and STEM

      Introducing Adaptation with 3D Printed Moths

      4 Ideas to Increase Collaboration Using an Interactive Display

      Campus Communication – Why It's Essential

      Boxlight Wins Multiple Best for Back to School Awards from Tech & Learning!

      Teaching Students with Hearing Challenges While Easing Strain on Teachers

      Advantages of Interactive Displays for Education

      Sharpen Your Skills with Our Fall Education Webinars

      Get the Most Out of Your Summer Install – MimioPro 4 [UPDATE]

      Partnering with PAISD for Their First Titan Tech Conference

      Remote Teaching - What's Worked for Teachers

      MimioConnect Blended Learning Platform – Now with More Features!

      STEM CAREERS: Financial Analyst

      STEM Lesson: Using Punnett Squares

      Screen Mirroring to Innovate Teaching and Learning

      Boxlight Solutions Win Multiple ISTELive 22 Best of Show Awards

      STEM Lesson: Creating Landforms

      Boxlight Has a New Website!

      A Day with Spark - Real-World STEM Education

      Next Generation Interactive Display Technology – MimioPro 4 (UPDATE)

      Boxlight is Named Overall EdTech Company of the Year

      ISTELive 2022 – See You There!

      A Five-Year Investment of Exceptional Clevertouch® Technology

      STEM Lesson: Density of Objects

      Prestigious Independent School Implements Interactive Technology Solution

      STEM Lesson: Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

      Top 20 Education Grants

      STEM Lesson: Motion – Speed vs. Time

      Using 3D Printing to Visualize Ways to Improve Equity

      Get Started with Our Guide to Makerspace

      3-2-1! The MimioSTEM Mobile is Ready for Launch!

      3D Printing in the Classroom

      Top 10 Ideas for Using Chromebooks in the Classroom

      Creating a Makerspace – Tips to Get Started

      Mindfulness in the Classroom

      Taking Maker Education to the Next Level

      Interactive Displays Enhance Collaborative Spaces for Business Students

      3 Fun Ideas for Read Across America Day

      Sound Equity in the Modern Classroom

      STEM Lesson: Comparing Planets

      Cultivating Empathy in the Classroom

      A Research University Enhances Interactivity with Display Technology

      Makerspaces: Logistics and Practical Tips to Get You Started

      STEM Lesson: Waves

      Dynamic Ways to Use Chromebooks for Teaching and Learning

      1, 2, 3 Share with MimioMessage

      Tech & Learning Award Winners for Best of 2021

      Family Traditions and 3D Printing – A Perfect Combo

      ProColor Interactive Display - January 2022 Firmware Updates

      Boost STEM Learning with Mars Exploration Activities

      Education Funding Forecast for 2022

      Top 10 Blog Articles of 2021

      Technology to Support Social-Emotional Learning

      An Award-Winning University Implements Clevertouch Interactive Displays

      Relief Funding: Get Ready for That Call

      Interactive Displays Help Young Students Learn to Be Tech Savvy

      STEM Lesson: Rotation vs. Revolution

      Top 4 Benefits to Using an Interactive Whiteboard

      Building Relationship Skills to Support Social-Emotional Learning

      7 Lessons to Spark Interest in STEM

      Seven Tech-Friendly and FUN Alternatives to Book Reports

      Move the People and Funds Forward

      A School Modernizes with Interactive Displays and Remote Management

      STEM Careers: Computer Systems Analyst

      Portable Interactive Displays Help a District Creatively Use School Spaces

      Classroom Ideas for Family Stories Month

      Clayton County PS Benefits from Customized Professional Development

      Social & Emotional Learning: Key Indicators

      A Highly-Rated College Chooses Clevertouch® Technology

      25 STEAM Books to Add to Your Library

      MyStemKits STEM Lessons Now Aligned with TEKS for Math and Science

      The Urgency of the Times

      I Dig It – 3D Printing Ideas for Fossil Day & Archaeology Day

      Large Car Rental Company Innovates Its Locations with Clevertouch® Digital Displays

      3 Simple STEM Activities for Walking and Biking

      Our Teachers are the Heart of Education

      3D Printed Models Boost Enthusiasm for Learning Science

      A District Levels the Playing Field with Interactive Display Technology

      Boost Hands-On STEM Learning with One Simple-to-Use Tool

      Transforming Learning with Microsoft Teams

      Take Teaching and Learning to the Next Level with MimioConnect®

      Boxlight-EOS Helps PXU Utilize Ed Tech Tools

      Top 8 Ways to Use an Interactive Display

      New STEM Teacher Professional Development Available!

      STEM Career – Financial Advisor

      The 4 Cs of 21st Century Learning and Robotics Education

      We’re 2021 Tech & Learning Back to School Winners!

      STEM Career – Mechanical Engineer

      Benefits of Using an Interactive Display on Teaching and Learning

      MimioStudio Version 12 is Now Available!

      Top 10 Features of an Interactive Display: Reasons to Invest

      A Public Transport Company Adds Value to Meetings with Interactive Displays

      Success Stories in Professional Development During COVID

      A University Shares Their Success Story with Clevertouch® Interactive Displays

      It’s Here! The Big Guide to STEM Volume 3

      Making the Best Use of Google Workspace for Education

      A Notable School in Spain Innovates Classrooms with Interactive Displays

      An International Design Studio Uses Clevertouch Displays

      Why an Audio System is Essential in Every Classroom

      A Premium Business Center Invests in State-of-the-Art Technology

      Professional Learning to Meet Company Needs in a Post-Pandemic World

      A School District Shines with Interactive Classroom Technology

      Needed: Teacher PD for Brain-Based Learning

      A Diverse, Rural School Benefits from Interactive Display Technology

      Improving Student Engagement to Amp Up Learning

      8 Summer Reading Ideas Your Kids Can Try

      Increased Student Engagement Made Possible with Innovative Interactive Technology

      The Value of Connecting Parents, Family, and Students

      NASA, Robotics, and STEM Learning – a Perfect Combination

      Cutting Edge Technology Spark Engagement for Science Students

      Relief Funding PD: Implementing Evidence-Based Activities and Instruction

      EdTech Breakthrough Names MimioConnect® the Classroom Technology Innovation of the Year

      Get the Tech You Need with our Financial Services Program

      An All-in-One Solution Boosts Engagement for Learners

      Relief Funding PD: Remote Learning

      22 Resources for Summer Learning

      Innovating Classrooms to Support Digital Natives

      Relief Funding PD: Successful Adoption of MimioConnect®

      15 Conversation Starters to Boost Book Groups

      The Evolution of Interactive Classroom Tech to Include Special Needs

      District Revamps Ed Tech for Improved Quality, Collaboration, & Engagement

      Technology for Flexible Instruction

      5 Post-Pandemic Practices That Educators Will Keep

      Relief Funding and PD: Technology to Support Instruction

      Act on Relief Funding Now - EdLeader Webinar

      A Primary School Shares Their Success Story Using Clevertouch

      STEM CAREER: Environmental Engineer

      Recharge STEM Instruction in Your Classroom

      A Rapidly Growing District Finds Success with Boxlight Technology

      8 Tips for Getting Students Focused to Learn

      TROX and Tierney – United as Powerhouse for Education Technology

      Transforming Teaching and Learning with Boxlight

      Creating a Digital-First Environment in New Office Space

      7 Fun and Easy Activities for Earth Day

      Relief Funding Guide is Now Available!

      Boosting Engagement for Students with Exceptional Needs

      Motivating Young Women in STEM

      How Principals Can Support Teachers Dealing with a Tough Year

      Benefits of Physical Activity on Learning: Tips to Try Today!

      Maximizing Class Interaction with Simple-to-Use Display Technology

      Education Technology and Student Safety

      How a Large Multi-Site College Revamped Its Technology

      Tips for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

      Ways to Increase Personalized Learning

      STEM Careers: Computer Support Specialist

      Highlights from “Tomorrow’s New Normal” Presented by edWeb

      Transforming Teaching and Learning with Technology

      Spring CUE is Here…or There…or Anywhere! It’s Virtual!

      Promoting Blended Learning in Higher Education with Clevertouch

      Teaching About Recycling and Climate Change

      Inquiry-Based Learning for Hybrid and Remote Learning Environments

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