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      Transform Engagement and Interactions with Mimio DS Series Display

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Feb 16, 2023


      Transform Engagement and Interactions with Mimio DS Series Display 


      Boxlight presents the new Mimio DS Series, the next generation of non-interactive display technology. From schools and libraries to district boardrooms and meeting spaces, these sleek and powerful devices provide an engaging and interactive experience that is sure to elevate presentation, collaboration, and campus communication. Whether you are looking for a digital signage solution or a way to enhance your existing AV setup, Mimio DS Series displays are the perfect option.  

      Simply Sleek 

      The Mimio DS Series is modern and sleek in both form and function. These bright, high-definition displays feature enhanced color calibration, precise picture quality adjustment, flicker-free and anti-glare viewing creates beautifully clear visuals that inspire bright ideas. Running on Android 11 with seamless OTA upgrading, the narrow and even bezel and ADA-compliant thickness masks a powerful quad-core CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and an invisible IR receiver. Connectivity to the display is easy with multi-functional USB Type-C ports that enable 4K audio and video transmission, network connections, charging for external devices, and provide access to external microphone and camera. Content management is simple as well. Multi-mode play powers USB auto-play, auto-play after startup, and playlist scheduling. For retail environments, the Mimio DS Series has instant mobile content transfer. 

      Fierce Flexibility 

      These displays are ready to meet your needs. You can orientate them vertically or horizontally and tilt them up to 15-degrees for easy viewing from high places. You can even daisy chain through the HDMI port multiple screens, up to three-by-three, and create a larger, unified display through screen splicing. Flexibility also extends with an array of network connections capabilities - from shared wired and dual LAN ports to USB 3.0 auto-switch and an optional Wi-Fi adapter. However you need to deploy these displays, they can accommodate your need. 

      Enhanced Engagement and Collaboration 

      Best of all, the Mimio DS series offers more opportunities for collaboration. Realtime wireless screen-sharing from up to 6 devices simultaneously and synchronized annotating from multiple devices with CleverShare unlocks engagement and interaction within any space. Picture-In-Picture and Picture-By-Picture are also supported. Collaboration in classrooms, conference rooms, and common spaces make these displays go beyond the typical display. 
      Campus Communication 
      Mimio DS comes with CleverLive, a rich cloud-based content management system, and can be used with Attention! to deliver campus-wide announcements, bells, and alerts. This powerful pairing provides consistent and timely messages to be delivered across all audio and video devices with a simple click of a button. 

      Learn for yourself. Contact us today to discover how the Mimio DS Series can help you create an environment that will engage and inspire your audience. Go to www.boxlight.com.  

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