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      Transforming Education at Horizon Christian Academy with Boxlight Technology

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Mar 14, 2024

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      Horizon Christian Academy (HCA) in Cumming, GA, embarked on a journey to integrate interactive technology into its educational framework, enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes. 

      The key solutions implemented at HCA include the integration of MimioPro4 interactive displays and customized training and support provided by Boxlight, aimed at enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes. 

      • MimioPro4 Interactive Displays: These state-of-the-art displays have transformed classrooms into dynamic learning environments, fostering active participation and personalized learning experiences. 
      • Customized Training and Support: Boxlight provided tailored training to HCA's faculty, empowering teachers to effectively utilize interactive displays, enriching teaching methods, and elevating student learning experiences.

      The introduction of Boxlight technology at HCA has led to increased student engagement, deeper understanding of concepts, and a more collaborative classroom atmosphere. This partnership aligns with HCA's mission to prepare students for a technologically advanced future, equipping them with essential skills for success. 

      Horizon Christian Academy's embrace of innovative solutions sets a standard for educational excellence, showcasing the transformative power of technology in learning. 

      Read the complete HCA success story here: Horizon Christian Academy.

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