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      Unbox Innovation: Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom, Part 2

      Posted by Boxlight on Tue, Dec 12, 2023

      Unbox Innovation - Episode 2

      Ever wondered how to turn your classroom into a hub of creativity? In the recent Unbox Innovation episode, "Cultivating a Creative Classroom," Preston Trebas, Boxlight STEM Training and Development Specialist, addresses the challenges educators face with integrating creativity into modern teaching and learning practices. The discussion covers balancing hard skills and creativity, dealing with parental concerns, and addressing administrative pressures. 

      Learn more about the transformative impact of embracing creativity as Preston shares moving testimonials from parents grateful for their children's growth. Throughout the conversation, technology emerges as a powerful ally with Boxlight's innovative solutions providing interactive displays, virtual collaboration platforms, and educational software. These tools create dynamic learning environments that foster creativity and collaboration. 

      This thoughtful conversation underscores the challenges teachers face and emphasizes the role of technology in enhancing collaboration and preparing students for a future that demands adaptability, critical thinking, and creativity. Watch the entire episode for insightful solutions to empower educators and students alike and unbox innovation. 





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