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      Unbox Innovation: Reframing Technology for Classroom Instruction

      Posted by Boxlight on Wed, Jan 3, 2024

      Unbox Innovation - Episode 3

      In the latest episode of Unbox Innovation, host Amy Chodroff talks with Nick Gearing, Training and Development Specialist with EOS Education by Boxlight, about the intricate landscape of technology integration in classrooms, delving into the challenges, triumphs, and the critical need for a unified approach. Here are some highlights: 


      Navigating Technology Policies 
      Nick sheds light on the varied landscape of technology policies in schools across the country. While some districts have well-defined rules, others find themselves in a more flexible, even chaotic, environment. This disparity underscores the need for a cohesive national conversation and agreement on technology policies to ensure a unified approach and successful implementation. 


      Striking a Balance for Classroom Engagement 
      As educators incorporate technology, they face a delicate balance between maximizing its engagement potential and maintaining control over the classroom. Nick emphasizes the importance of intentional and strategic use, highlighting that technology can either facilitate student engagement or exacerbate issues if not implemented thoughtfully. Teachers must tread carefully on this tightrope to create a conducive and balanced learning environment. 


      Equity Challenges and Access to Technology 
      Nick acknowledges the stark equity issues surrounding technology access, which became even more apparent during the height of the COVID pandemic. He stresses the importance of ensuring that all students have equal access to technology. While schools and districts may attempt to bridge the gap through various means, the issues of equity persist, raising questions about the best approaches to providing access for all students. 


      The Role of Parents in Embracing Technology 
      Nick also emphasized the importance of including parents in the conversation about technology in education. Acknowledging parents' hesitancy and lack of familiarity, he advocates for meaningful training opportunities. Educating parents about how technology is used in the classroom and its intended outcomes can foster a supportive home environment, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive approach to technology integration in education. 


      For a deeper dive into these discussions and more, watch the full episode of Unbox Innovation here: 



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