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      Unlocking STEM Excellence: Liberty Local School District's Innovative Journey

      Posted by Boxlight on Thu, Sep 14, 2023

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      Liberty Local School District (Youngstown, OH) is redefining STEM education, even in the face of unique challenges, with nearly 70% of students on free or reduced lunch programs. The district’s secret to success? A dynamic blend of cutting-edge technology, featuring Mimio interactive panels, Robo 3D printers, Mimio MyBot robots, Labdisc All-in-One Science Lab, and MyStemKits STEM curriculum. These innovative solutions are bridging educational gaps, ensuring equal opportunities for all students. 

      Cameron Hefner, STEM Teacher at Liberty Local Schools, highlights the flexibility of MimioSTEM solutions such as MyStemKits which makes STEM accessible for students at all grade levels. The ready-to-print 3D models and Robo 3D printers ignite curiosity and enthusiasm, turning learning into an adventure. 

      With Labdisc, Liberty Local students explore, experiment, and learn interactively, while the Mimio panel fosters engaging class discussions and interactive games. Beyond academics, Liberty Local School District is preparing students for the future by introducing them to various technologies and teaching methods that promote increased exploration of STEM subjects and fields. 

      Andy Tommelleo, Superintendent at Liberty Local School District, emphasized the significance implementing dynamic technology such as MimioSTEM solutions and the award-winning Mimio panel, stating, "Our goal is to … provide opportunities for our students to allow them to grow (and) most importantly, to allow them to explore resources and instructional options that present different learning opportunities.”    

      Discover Liberty Local School District’s journey of inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment, where every child's potential is unlocked. Click here: Liberty Local School District. 

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