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      The End of a Decade: An Overview of 2019 Before We Jump Into 2020

      Posted by Mark Elliott on Mon, Dec 16, 2019

      It’s hard to believe that we are closing in on the end of another year—and that the start of a new decade is right around the corner!

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      An Overview of 2018 Before We Dive Into a New Year

      Posted by Mark Elliott on Tue, Dec 11, 2018

      When December rolls around each year, it’s hard to believe another year is actually coming to a close. Here at Boxlight, 2018 brought exciting product launches, STEM initiatives, and plenty of collaborative learning events. It’s been a successful year, and we are poised and ready to accomplish even more in 2019!

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      A Look Back at 2017 While Poised for the New Year

      Posted by Mark Elliott on Tue, Dec 19, 2017

      It’s true what people say: Each year seems to go by faster than the one before! For Boxlight, 2017 has been full of exciting new product launches and a greater focus on STEM initiatives—including becoming the convening agency for the Georgia Girls STEM Collaborative, formed under the auspices of the National Girls Collaborative Project. We received a host of accolades from a number of prestigious organizations, and we also saw the closing of our initial public offering. However, these activities won’t have us resting on our laurels and there is still much work to be done.

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      How Interactive Classroom Technology Is Enhancing Education Through Innovation

      Posted by Mark Elliott on Tue, Apr 18, 2017


      If the United States is to continue to be a world leader, we need to develop more scientists. Today’s students must be able to solve tough problems, and helping students develop the four Cs—critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity—is more important than ever. By 2018, there will be more than two million open jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professions; however, only 19 percent of current college degrees are in STEM fields. Even worse, 75 percent of students that do well in science and math decide to not pursue STEM in college. We all need to do a better job of making science and math more stimulating, and help teachers find ways to make the material matter.

      Here at Boxlight Mimio, we’re deeply concerned about the shortage of people entering the STEM workforce—I’ve seen statistics that say we’ll need at least one million more STEM professionals over the next decade. Encouraging children to enter these fields is crucial, and we believe that we can help by providing teachers with the tools to incorporate innovative, exciting hand-on STEM projects into the classroom.

      In a recent interview with Neil Hughes (The Tech Guy Podcast), we discussed this important topic and what we are doing to support STEM learning.

      Enter the Labdisc portable STEM lab.

      The Labdisc is a wireless, compact data logger with 15 built-in calibrated sensors and a long battery life—making it a perfect tool to use anywhere, including outside. We designed the Labdisc so that teachers can perform inquiry-based projects in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and geography.

      We’re really excited to be working with the Coweta School System in Georgia, where the state’s new science standards are encouraging districts to focus on hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Regina Ahmann, who teaches zoology and AP environmental science at East Coweta High School, is using the Labdisc to study the relationship between temperature and humidity in several locations around her school, including both urban and green spaces. Ahmann told us that she loves that the Labdisc collects data every second. “There’s no possible way my kids could have done that with a thermometer,” she told us. “It’s all recorded and it makes gorgeous graphs. And you can get your big core concept across to students in a real-world framework.”

      Real World in the Classroom
      Dr. Donald White, Coweta’s science content specialist, has said that his district is using the Labdisc to replicate what students will face in the job market. He hopes that the experiences the product lets students practice will open the door to careers in a variety of science fields.

      Boxlight STEM Day—Bringing Science Everywhere
      On December 9, our company hosted the first-ever Boxlight STEM Day to encourage students of all socioeconomic levels to consider pursuing STEM careers. We invited five low-income elementary and high schools in Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Mexico, and Guatemala to join us for a day of inquiry-based learning so they could understand how STEM skills fit into the larger picture.

      All of the schools received a free Labdisc portable STEM lab, and students performed simultaneous experiments and shared their data. The schools have continued to participate in joint experiments, and we hope that many of the students will see that a STEM career is within their reach.

      Here at Boxlight, we will continue to develop products that make learning meaningful and help children connect the importance and value of learning math and science to the skills they need to change the world.

      What are you doing in your classrooms to connect students to STEM careers? We’d love for you to share below. And if you want to listen to my entire conversation with Neil, click this link: https://player.fm/series/80936/171655376

      Want to learn more about the Labdisc portable STEM lab? Visit here now.>>


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      2016: Looking Back While Leaning Forward

      Posted by Mark Elliott on Wed, Dec 21, 2016

      It’s hard to believe the year is coming to a close. 2016 was a year with exciting new product launches, collaborative learning events, and the merger of Boxlight and Mimio, and we are poised and ready for great success in the coming year.

      In order to embrace the new, we have to first reflect on the old. Each year, we ask ourselves questions such as:

      1. What did we accomplish? (Including a list of our wins and achievements.)
      2. What were the most significant events of the past year?
      3. For what are we particularly grateful?
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