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      Using Google Classroom - Why

      Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Thu, Apr 16, 2020

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      Now that most of you are finding your rhythm with distance learning, here are some reasons to start using Google Classroom*, if you’re not already.

      Why use Google Classroom?

      • Classroom can be accessed from any mobile device using the app, or from any computer via Chrome
      • Worksheets and tests can be created digitally and assigned to the whole class, small groups, or individual students
      • Worksheets and tests that you upload to Classroom are also saved to Drive; any student work is also saved to Drive
      • You can collaborate with colleagues by sharing docs and enabling editing functions
      • Give students feedback on assignments by sending emails, posting to Stream (the social hub), or send private feedback on assignments
      • Save time by eliminating hand grading work; spend that time in virtual classroom sessions or small group intervention sessions
      • Communicate with parents by individual email or through Classroom summaries

      A few tips to make the most of Classroom:

      • Create assignments in batches and sort by subject or classroom (whichever is easier for you to manage)
      • Keep assignments in draft form and only post when you want students to work on them
      • For students who want more to do, create an “Explore More!” category with links and files for them to delve into topics of interest. Need ideas for resources? Boxlight has a dedicated resource space: Boxlight Free Resources

      If you’re still unsure about why Google Classroom, or are not feeling as confident about using it as you know others are, Boxlight has online trainings available: Boxlight Together for Successful Distance Learning.

      Boxlight also has a few blogs on how to best use Google Classroom:

      *In order to use Google Classroom, your school must sign up G Suite for Education. G Suite is free and includes Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more.

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