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Training with Travis: Make the Most of Your Summer Months

Posted by Travis Rink on Wed, May 27, 2015

As the last bell rings on the last day of school, excitement about the summer break kicks in for students and teachers alike. It may seem like only yesterday that you were greeting a new class of eager students, and now the school year has ended. How can you make the most of your summer?

Helping You Rejuvenate and Retool in the Summer Months Ahead

Training with Travis Summer Training OptionsFor educators, the summer break is a time to relax, rejuvenate, and retool. You finally have the time to reflect on what went well, what needs to be improved, and how you might alter things to better accommodate curriculum or class changes. But for many, it’s a short-lived break from reality before the professional side of your chosen career path kicks in once again.

Does it seem like every year there’s some new initiative you are asked to get behind and implement in your classroom to help students achieve? Is the introduction of new classroom technology prominent in the mix of upcoming expectations that you have to contend with – or the pressure to better integrate in your teaching the technology tools your school already has?

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Inside Perspective: Mimio Now and in the Year Ahead

Posted by Christopher Leonardo on Thu, May 21, 2015

hristopher Leonardo, Mimio Director of R&DAn Interview with Christopher Leonardo, Director of R&D

It's been an exciting year for Mimio. We released several new interactive devices (the MimioProjector™ interactive and touch projectors) and made major updates to our classroom software and educational app, which really expanded the capabilities of classroom collaboration. In this interview with Director of R&D Christopher Leonardo, you’ll learn what he thinks about the newest products and get some hints about what’s to come. You’ll also find out what has him excited about education technology.

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5 Ideas for Summer Opportunities for Educators

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, May 14, 2015

Summer Fun & Summer Learning: Had Me a Blast!


Like most teachers, I look forward to sun, cookouts, and some relaxation for my summer. I also look to summer for a chance to recharge my mind along with my body.

This summer there’s a wide range of activities and events that can give educators a chance to learn something new, meet other colleagues, and explore some of the latest industry trends. We have pulled together a few that might interest and inspire you:
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May Flowers Bring a NEW Content Pack

Posted by Travis Rink on Wed, Apr 29, 2015

April Showers Are Gone So Celebrate with a NEW Spring Content Pack


The sun is shining...flowers are blooming and the school year is nearing the end. Enjoy this content pack with your students as they show you all they have learned this year with you! The calendar and morning meeting is all set to use daily with your students. Students can practice skills using the featured calendars, morning meeting activities, attendance chart, daily graphing activity, math activities and more.

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Touch Technology: Tomorrow’s Learners Pushing Today’s Classrooms

Posted by Stevan Vigneaux on Wed, Apr 22, 2015

The Benefits of Touch-Enabled Technology for Education 


Touch displays and mobile devices, the next generation of technology available in the classroom, are driving group learning to a new level of relevance and engagement. Use of this technology has seen a fivefold increase1 among children under age 8, and is becoming the norm for these students of tomorrow. The state-of-the-art touch displays and projectors allow all students – including those with disabilities – to become more engaged with the curriculum being taught. These interactive solutions are another major step in education for intuitive technologies that allow students to experience imagery, touch, and gestures, and engage with the content, the learning, and each other.

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The League of Interactivity Strikes Again: Introducing Its Newest Member

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

NEW MimioProjector Superhero Joins Forces with the League

Mimio_League_of_InteractivityOur team of Mimio interactive displays has super powers that can rescue a classroom from any educational archenemy! No matter what your foe may be – a budget that’s too small, bored students, or students who are reluctant to collaborate – the League of Interactivity will send the best superhero to the rescue. Now we are introducing our newest member!

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A Principal's Reflections: Digital Learning Prospers With the Right Culture

Posted by Eric Sheninger on Thu, Apr 9, 2015

Eric Sheninger "Digital Leadership"The following blog comes to us courtesy of Eric Sheninger, a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) and Scholastic Achievement Partners (SAP). It originally appeared on Eric’s blogspot column, “A Principal’s Reflections.” Eric also serves as the K-12 Director of Technology and Innovation in the Spotswood School District (NJ). He was previously an award-winning principal at New Milford High School, which became a globally recognized model for innovative practices under his leadership. His latest book, Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times, focuses on leading and learning in the digital age as a model for moving schools and districts forward.

Digital Learning Prospers with the Right Culture

As of late I have been doing a great deal of work with schools and districts on how to effectively implement digital learning across the curriculum. When it comes to technology in general, the overall goal is to support learning, not drive instruction. Where digital learning initiatives miss the point is a focus on how technology actually accomplishes this.

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Hingham High Invites You to Join the "Hour of Code" Initiative

Posted by Sarah Coughlin on Wed, Apr 1, 2015

hour-of-code-logo-1Technology plays an important role in education, but teachers don't always have the time to learn how to use it. When I returned to teaching four years ago, one of my first initiatives was to bring technology into the classroom where it belongs. Technology is second nature to today’s students, and since they are immersed in it every day outside of the classroom, it is only natural to use those skills inside the classroom too.

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Ring in Spring with a NEW Education Content Pack

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

Lessons and Activities to Make You and Your Students Smile!

SpringPack_2015Spring has officially arrived, though depending on where you live, maybe it doesn't quite feel like Spring... and better yet, maybe it already feels like Summer! This gallery pack is filled with images, templates, and lessons/activities to get you started. Our new education Content Pack will bring some Springy-ness to your classroom. This content is available free from the MimioConnect® online teaching community.

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Find Your Classroom Technology Solution in our New Interactive Info Kit

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

InteractiveKit_EmailSchool districts across the country are increasingly incorporating technology into the instructional model. Technology, after all, is second nature to today’s students., But one size does not fit all, and finding the right solution out of myriad choices can confound even the most digitally dexterous districts.

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