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8 Organizations That Are Changing the Way We Look at Education

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Wed, Feb 3, 2016

OrginizationsChangingEducation-01.pngEvery day in the classroom, educators are inspiring students with their passion, creativity, and dedication. These same traits can be found in the eight organizations described below – progressive groups that are changing how we view education.

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10 Things Not to Be Missed at TCEA 2016!

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Jan 28, 2016

TCEA-2016-Logo.pngWe hope you’re getting ready to head out to the TCEA 2016 Annual Convention and Exposition. This annual event in Austin, Texas, February 3-5, brings together campus- and district-level educators (administrators, teachers, librarians, etc.) to explore technology-related best practices, and products and services for engaging students, increasing productivity, and innovating teaching and learning. Austin is an incredible city – when Austinites say “Keep Austin Weird,” they mean it! So, once you’ve stopped by our booth #1126 (we are one of your first stops, right?), here are some of the other things you can look forward to:


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Four Easy Methods to Help Students Become Better Writers

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Wed, Jan 20, 2016

4WaystoCreateBetterStudent_Writers-01.pngWhile it can often be frustrating to teach writing, it’s equally frustrating for students to learn how to write well. Students understand the importance of being a good, clear writer, but grasping the concepts and ideas teachers are trying to convey is often challenging.

Here are four practical ways that sharing student writing can lead them to become better writers:

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10 Ways to Empower Your Students in the Classroom

Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Jan 12, 2016

EmpowerStudents-01.pngAs an educator, you’re in a position to empower your students to become better learners and better people. Most of the time we recognize the positive influence we have on our students, but there may be times when we feel we need new ways to motivate them and create a culture of involvement. Here are 10 tips you can use to help create a culture that makes learning a priority.

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10 Reasons Why I Can't Wait to Go to FETC 2016 (and Why You Should Go, Too)!

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Jan 7, 2016

k_PPlU1g.pngIt’s almost time for FETC 2016! As always, the four-day event is a fantastic opportunity to greet past colleagues, meet prospective collaborators, and learn from the pros. At FETC you can get hands-on explorations of the latest hardware and software, and learn successful strategies for integrating technology across the K-20 curriculum. As always, the conference will be held in “The City Beautiful” – Orlando, Florida. From city attractions to workshops and the booths (don’t miss Mimio’s booth #835), here’s just a sampling of what you can expect:

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Top 15 Educational Websites for Teachers

Posted by Travis Rink on Tue, Jan 5, 2016

Kick Off the New Year with New Resources for Inspiration
Top15EdSites.pngThe Internet is overflowing with information for educators, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start searching for great ideas. Who has the time to sift through all of the mediocre material in order to find the truly inspirational lesson ideas? Good news: We’ve done the sifting for you – including general sites and those specific to a particular subject like language arts and mathematics. We think you will find this list of great websites very useful, because they cover the education spectrum.

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Mimio 2015: Looking Back, Leaning In

Posted by Dan Winkler on Tue, Dec 22, 2015

 Dan Winkler
 Mimio Chief Technology Officer

Mimio remains faithful to its mission of developing outstanding technologies that let us meet the future with confidence. We continually push ourselves to consider how and where Mimio products will be used, over the long term. Increasingly, that means identifying and developing technologies that you, our customers and partners, will need to be successful.

Each year since we opened our doors in 1997, we have designed and delivered educational teaching technology solutions that reflect our singular philosophy: to make learning more engaging for students, with technology that makes it easier for teachers to do what they do best – teach.

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Holiday Traditions and Activities for the Classroom

Posted by Travis Rink on Thu, Dec 17, 2015

Merry and Oh So Bright!

HolidayClassroomActvities.pngEveryone is counting down the days to holiday break – students and teachers alike. To power all of us through the end of the year, we’re bringing you some holiday cheer today. We asked fellow educators, administrators, and Mimio parents to share the holiday traditions that are observed in their schools and classrooms. These stories put a smile on our faces and also gave us some great ideas for next year.

Wonderful holiday traditions bring fun, the joy of giving, and the spirit of learning to one and all. Enjoy!

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Top Ten Things to Consider Before Buying a Whiteboard for Your Touch Projector

Posted by Stevan Vigneaux on Tue, Dec 15, 2015


So you're planning to bring touch-enabled collaborative learning to your classrooms with a touch projector. You're expecting to use the touch projector to turn your current conventional dry erase board into a touch board. But not so fast! Touch projectors have special requirements that need to be accommodated to ensure proper operation – and the whiteboard is an often unrecognized but critical system component. Choosing the right whiteboard and properly installing it are key. Consider the following points before you buy.

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“Teachers Teaching Teachers Technology” in Action!

Posted by Paul Gigliotti on Thu, Dec 10, 2015

Teacher sTeaching Teachers TechnologyBuilding a T4PD Community, Part 2

Last week’s blog, “Building a T4PD Community: Part 1,” described a new strategy for professional development that has helped one school transform into a 21st century learning center. Working one-on-one or in small groups, teachers come together to share their expertise in a supportive environment. This week, learn how you can institute the T4PD model in your school.

Getting Started with T4PD
Building a T4PD technology integration model in your school is easy – but it does take time. For two years our staff has been working to transform our classrooms with instructional technology, and we still have a ways to go to achieve full implementation.

Within the T4PD model, each member of the staff assumes one or more of the roles described below. While the process appears to result in a hierarchy, the foundation is based on a community of teachers assisting one another in a casual setting for the better implementation of instructional technology. Furthermore, teachers who take part in a T4PD model may actually fill several roles as the process continues and their ability to use technology in the classroom grows.

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