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Student Feedback Part Two: Best Practices Supported by Research

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Wed, Aug 7, 2019

In part one of our feedback series, we reviewed the types of feedback that we most see used in the classroom. These types of feedback each have a role to play. When we correct a student’s learning, encourage them, and affirm their good work, we build relationships and trust with them. All educators know how important this is and how it must occur first before deep learning can take place.  

But when it comes to learning, this kind of feedback doesn’t really impact the student much. They might feel good about the support that is being offered, but how often do they actually learn from this kind of feedback?

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Back to School Tips and Training for Teachers

Posted by Travis Rink on Fri, Aug 2, 2019

As summer break comes to a close, you’re likely gearing up to get back into your classroom. We’ve got you covered with tips to help you take learning to the next level for your students this year.

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Student Feedback Part One: Supporting Students Through Feedback

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Tue, Jul 30, 2019

Teachers know how important feedback is. We know that to help students correct misconceptions, improve skills, and remain motivated, we have to give the right feedback at the right time. But the term “feedback” encompasses a number of different types of responses to students. From an encouraging statement to a deep-dive response on a student’s essay, feedback comes in all shapes and sizes.

But not all feedback is the same. Some types are more effective than others and some are more important than others. All different types of feedback have a role in the classroom, but teachers need to be informed on how to best respond to students.

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My Summer of Self-Care

Posted by Crysta Baier on Thu, Jul 25, 2019

Teachers, think back to May when it was the last day of school. You said goodbye to your students, cleaned up your room, checked out with your principal, and headed home to enjoy your summer. But before you left the building, you also packed up your car with teacher manuals to study, educational books to read, and lessons to rework. No worries—that’s what we all do. The summer is a great time to get a jumpstart on the next school year. However, I would urge you to do more than work this summer. Take the summer to care for yourself, nurture your personal interests, and relax.

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Becoming Trauma Informed

Posted by Kristy Nerstheimer on Wed, Jul 24, 2019

In the world of education, the terms trauma informed, trauma sensitive, and trauma invested have come to the forefront. While all these terms are very similar in nature, the importance of learning and understanding trauma is key to the success of our students. Google defines trauma as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” When this type of experience happens to a child, it can affect brain development, which can impede learning as well as mental and physical health.

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Guiding Teachers Through Standards-Based Grading (Part Two)

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Tue, Jul 23, 2019
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Supporting Transitioning Teachers

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Thu, Jul 18, 2019

In some areas of the country, qualified teachers are harder and harder to come by for certain content areas. Some states and districts have had to use creative means to find teachers. One of these avenues is using transition to teaching programs in order to find teachers. In these programs, individuals usually have a degree in a content area, such as science or math, but lack the credentials or experience necessary for teaching.  

As with most things, there is an upside to these teachers as well as some drawbacks. It does allow your school to think outside the box to fill positions, which is a major advantage. At the same time, it is good to consider what the possible potholes will be of hiring one of these teachers.

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Practicing Counterarguments in the Classroom

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Wed, Jun 19, 2019

Students should argue more in the classroom. You may be thinking, “Wait...what?” as you read that. Most teachers probably think their students argue enough already, but constructing an argument in the academic sense is one of the important Common Core standards. This isn’t a traditional “you cut in front of me in line” argument, but one that is written to “argue” a point of view about a topic.

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The Power of Belief

Posted by Kelly Bielefeld on Thu, Jun 13, 2019

Educators tend to focus on what students know in school. We teach, we test, and we intervene if needed. We also take into consideration the social and emotional wellbeing of students, caring about their socialization and their effort. But one of the most foundational factors in a student’s future is often ignored. One thing that, when changed, can literally change the course of a person’s life: their belief.

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10 Summer Opportunities for Teachers to Recharge and Learn

Posted by Holly Fritz-Palao on Wed, Jun 12, 2019

Summer vacation is a great time for educators to get some much-needed rest and relaxation after a busy school year and intense testing season. However, getting too relaxed can make for a rough transition into the next school year. To take full advantage of your well-deserved free time, it’s important to fill your summer with productive, fun, and fulfilling activities that will leave you refreshed and ready to dive into another great year come fall.

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